Friday, June 26, 2009

75 Things

Alright Tricia, I will accept your challenge to write 75 interesting facts about myself. OK, I don't know how interesting they will be, but they will be facts. ;-)

  1. I wanted to go to Paris on my honeymoon.
  2. But I would never change a thing about the honeymoon we actually took to Cabo.
  3. I HATE tomatoes
  4. But I LOVE tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce & ketchup.
  5. I LOVE apples and anything with apples in it.
  6. But I HATE applesauce
  7. I HATE when people use a "k" to start words that are supposed to start with a "c"
  8. I LOVE anything even remotely related to Elvis Presley
  9. I would rather cook and/or bake than do just about anything
  10. Josh has always and probably will always hand wash the dishes (I do the dishwasher and everything else though, don't worry)
  11. I had pretty bad post-partum depression after I had Jack and I only recently got through it because I didn't take any meds.
  12. That is actually the first time I ever admitted that.
  13. I say I need a break from the kids every day
  14. But I would never actually be able to leave them and go to an "outside" job.
  15. My favorite season is fall.
  16. But my favorite Holiday is Christmas. It is seriously a sick obsession that starts in July and ends with me sobbing all day on Dec. 26th because, in my own words "it's all over".
  17. I have always secretly wanted to live in Seattle. I really don't know why, though.
  18. I believe that the number 5 is lucky for me.
  19. I am a compulsive list's a sickness, really
  20. I watch every documentary/show/miniseries/movie that has anything to do with World War II.
  21. I married my high school sweetheart.
  22. I was the only one in high school though ;-)
  23. I hated my first high school...
  24. But I hated my second one even more.
  25. I have had 12 different jobs in my life (not including babysitting)
  26. The only one I want to do for the rest of my life, is the one I'm doing right now.
  27. I get 80% of the gifts I give from QVC.
  28. I get 80% of the clothes I wear from QVC.
  29. I HATE the heat. (mostly it's the sweating=being dirty that I dislike)
  30. One day I hope to finish my list of 1000 places to see before I die (I changed some from the book)
  31. I don't understand people who go on the same vacation every year. I want to travel all over the world, not go on a Caribbean cruise every year or to myrtle beach every summer.
  32. I have always wanted to get jury duty
  33. I have never had jury duty
  34. Josh and I have been talking about going to Alaska since we met, and I can't wait until it actually happens. (even if I have to wait 20 years to be able to pay cash and not charge it on a credit card)
  35. Josh and I have canceled our credit card and vowed to never use one again. We used it a couple years ago for a couple big purchases and we are STILL paying it off.
  36. I only drink pop about once a year (and it's either orange pop or root beer)
  37. I am a very picky eater and it is one thing that I really dislike about myself
  38. I have never had a beer
  39. But I have had many other alcoholic beverages ;-)
  40. When I was a teenager I didn't want to ever be married or have children
  41. That all changed when I started dating Josh
  42. I think I like some of the kids shows more than my kids do (the Backyardigans and the penguins of Madagascar)
  43. I do crosswords puzzles all the time because I once heard it can help prevent Alzheimer's
  44. I have always wanted to go on Jeopardy
  45. I will never actually try out though
  46. I'm a Republican
  47. I used to be a Democrat (before I grew up)
  48. I can't stand it when people have really bad wigs. It takes all my power not to pull it off their heads
  49. No one rides in my car without a seat belt. (Even Travis!)
  50. It would not take much prodding to get me to just pick up and move away
  51. I believe that I actually "saw the light" the night before Maria was born.
  52. It was strangely peaceful and not scary at all.
  53. I have a very good sense of smell
  54. I have always wanted to learn the dance to Thriller. (and I am only reminded of it, now because of all the recent news coverage)
  55. My dad wanted to name me Dawn.
  56. Josh wanted to name Jackson, Mason
  57. If Jack had been a girl, we would have named him Katherine (and called him Kate)
  58. That is in no way related to the show Lost.
  59. I HATE Jackson Pollick
  60. I can only count on one hand the amount of times I've gone out in public with the kids where someone didn't come up and touch them.
  61. I miss Maria's speech, physical and occupational therapists
  62. I don't miss Maria going to therapy at all.
  63. I hate nicknames
  64. But we only call our own kids their real names about half the time
  65. Gum gives me a stomach ache
  66. I love swimming
  67. I can't remember the last time I actually went swimming (I prefer not to make the people around me barf lol)
  68. I couldn't care less about Michael Jackson dying
  69. I can't stand when people say "I could care less" because that infers that you COULD care less....which means that you do care and it makes you sound stupid.
  70. My Grandpa used to always give me werther's original candies
  71. I still think of him every time I eat them
  72. I have always wanted to win the lottery
  73. I have never played the lottery
  74. I am probably too sarcastic for my own good
  75. I love getting blog comments :D


Tricia said...

OMG... I cannot stand the could care less comment! It drives me crazy too! I hope you had fun doing this post, I found it pretty fun!

Greetings from Guatemala said...

visiting from SITS! enjoyed reading your blog. Hope you are having a great weekend.


Danifred said...

What a wonderfully honest post! I love how you tied different items on the post together. And you've never had a beer? Wow! I just can't imagine a vacation on the beach without one (although these days, it's always just that, ONE!)

Debbie said...

So you are the one keeping QVC in business! Good for you:)