Wednesday, June 3, 2009

denial. it's not just a river in egypt.

OK, I'm looking for some advice on this one.

Maria started potty training about a year ago (yes she was old, don't hate). I wouldn't say she was particularly difficult to train. Maybe slightly harder than most. But like everything, once she got it....she had it and it was done. So for a while she was only wearing a diaper to bed (not naps....unless she was at my moms house....). Josh did it. I have to give him all the credit on that one because I wasn't even going to try. She would wake up soaked. So to me, it seemed ridiculous to expect her to all of a sudden not go at all for 12 hrs or get out of bed and go during the night. We had a few discussions on it and never really came to a conclusion. So one morning I went to change her diaper diaper. I called. He laughed. We were proud. All good. Right? No.

That was MONTHS ago and she has never had an accident. Until 3 nights ago....and 2 nights ago...and last night. I really don't know what is going on with her. Is three nights long enough to call it a problem? The main reason I don't think this is a fluke is because last night she did it twice. At 11:00 we were going to bed (yes, I know, late for us old geezers). And heard her whimpering. Josh goes in and of course, Mr. Temper-Tantrum himself, starts yelling at her (yah, that'll do it) After dealing with it, we proceed to fight because I said she had an accident and Josh apparently feels that it's some sort of vindictive, manipulative master plan by our 4 yr old to rid herself of bedsheets and pajama pants every night. He literally scoffed at the word "accident". So then I went in at about 4:00 to find her wet again. So this morning I read her the riot act and she came back with this little nugget "mommy, I just pee in my bed because I want to". But the way I look at it is, at least she's recognizing that it happened. Two nights ago she swore up and down to me that I came into her room took off her pants and sheets for no reason at all. She had no recollection of it happening at all. It was actually kind of funny to see her so heated over my "lies and betrayal".

So the question is, what do I do with this? Today my attempt at punishment is that she can't go outside tonight. To which she responded "I didn't pee in my bed, mommy". I said "oh, so were back to denial are we"........blank stare. tough crowd.


Tricia said...

I wrote you an email about it, as it's very personal to me! Hope it helps! Check facebook!

andrea said...

ya i got nothing. at all. but i hope you find something that will work!

also, i would just double check maybe that she doesn't have a bladder problem? since it just started happening? i don't know....