Tuesday, June 2, 2009

it's tears of joy, really!

For the last few days Maria has been telling us that she wants to "touch the moon". Of course she means this literally and not figuratively which makes it slightly less touching, but not by much. My eyes welled up with tears the first time she said it. It's just that childhood innocence and all the dreams they have that make it so sweet. I swear the girl knows how to push my buttons....(the tear buttons, of course, not the anger ones. those are still reserved for Sophia.)

I still can't read them the Dr. Suess book "Oh the places you'll go". It seriously kills me. After maria was born I must have tried to read her that book a hundred times and just couldn't get through it. At least not in public. Not that the NICU nurses would have thought it odd that I was balling my freaking eyes out, because that was pretty much a daily occurrence. But never the less, certain things just make me so happy and so sad all rolled into one that I can't hold back the waterworks no matter how hard I try.

OH! Like weddings. It doesn't matter if it's a fake wedding on TV or a cousin who's marrying someone she shouldn't. I sit there and just ball like a baby. I literally take an entire BOX of tissues (not one of those measly little purse packages. those things are barely enough for the intro music). And then God help us all if I watch the video or see the pictures. And don't even get me started on the list of songs that I can't listen to in public. It's shameful.

Josh always says "oh, here she goes" at the first mention of a wedding, birth, graduation, death...any of your major life events really. I've always been this way though. I remember being 12 yrs old at my cousins wedding and using all of the Kleenex my mom had bought and being upset she hadn't brought more. I WAS 12!

The other day Sophia counted to 10 (totally on her own I was on the computer and she was reading a book). So of course, I ended up drying off my keyboard with my t-shirt. lol. And I guarantee the day Jackson says his first word, it'll be like Niagara falls.

So now Josh's brother got engaged over the weekend. If we get to go to the wedding it'll be yet another opportunity for me to showcase my incredible super-power that is "unstopable tears of joy".


Tricia said...

Hey... I cry ALL THE TIME. And Joe laughs at me, which makes me mad. It's a vicious cycle, but it's your way of showing emotion. Incredibly, after bawling my eyes out at my rehearsal, was all smiles on my wedding day! Thank goodness, I saw my moms sobbing wedding pictures and I kept that in the back of my head! HAHA! Anyway, while it was the happiest day of my life, it was also something I had absolutely no doubts, and I was sure he was my soulmate. Anyway, keep crying those tears of joy!

andrea said...

oh ya, you already know I am a freaking sap!

Although, I do read her All the places you'll go, I don't make it through w/o crying, but I always finish it! I read her hte "in utero" version when she was till inside - equally sappy and tear filled!
And don't get me started on "I'll Love you Forever". kills me!

happy tears are the best though - even if I am an ugly crier!

Mama Reg said...

aww...lol. that is so precious. your kids are so precious! i would cry too, to hear maria say i want to touch the moon awwww!

i cried at a wedding when i was 12 lol. did you feel weird to be doing it?! i remember hugging the bride and starting to tear up lol. and then thought, "why am i crying?!" lol.

we are romantic, wonderful creatures, all of us women! :)

Mama Reg said...

oh!! and yes, lets meet!! :) i will email you :)