Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a new direction

This is going to be my attempt at ignoring everything that is going on right now. I'm going to try to blog every day this week about a positive person in my life. Todays edition is SOPHIA. (I'm doing Sophia today because I just got done saying half of this stuff last night, so I don't have to think as much today).
If I had to guess, I would say that Sophia is going to be one of the most popular kids in school. She just has that personality. She isn't phased by falling down (which is good because she does it 100 times a day) or people laughing at her (generally after she falls on her face). She's friendly with everyone. She's that kid in the grocery store telling EVERYONE about her blankie and her Gam (my mom) and how she went in the swimmy poooo yesterday. She's extremely funny and likes to be the center of attention. (as I'm reading this, I am realizing that my mom said ALL of these things about me when I was a child...).
She is pretty advanced with a lot of what she does (potty training being the exception). She speaks like a 3 yr old. She is telling stories and asking questions about everything. Some days she says things I can't believe. And sometimes she does things I didn't even know she could do. She has this hilarious voice where she says "yummy in my tummy" in an almost growl. it's so funny you'd pee your pants (if I can get her to do it today I may have an addendum tomorrow). She loves to "help" me in the kitchen and with all my chores. she will attach herself to my shirt and not let go. When she takes care of her baby doll she is so sweet and sensitive it brings tears to my eyes. I can't help it as she "supports the head" when she lays her down for a nap, then proceeds to tell everyone to be quiet "shhh my baby seeeping".
Every night I try to give her a kiss and she covers her face and wont let me. But as I'm closing the door she says "kiss me mommy! kiss me!". She would eat every single minute of the day if I let her. She's stubborn and she knows how to push everyones buttons and she loves doing it. She gets a rise out of seeing ANYONE yelling at her to "stop that!" She runs away laughing screaming "don't get me, don't get me".
She loves everyone but her clear favorites are me, my step-dad and "aunt kai" (my sisters bff). She was a screamer as a baby and she's a squealer as a toddler. I love em both. She's adventurous and curious. She's independent and strong. She loves her sister more than anything in the world and cries at the mention of her going off to school without her. I barely see the baby that was "talking" the day she came home from the NICU. Now she is a person with a personality all her own, who won't let anyone bring her down. It doesn't matter how she was feeling at the beginning of the day, if there's a party, pia is there. She will be the girl at the party trying to get everyone to dance and she will be the last to leave.


Tricia said...

I love your blog. And your idea! What a great post. You should save it and give it to her someday, she would love to hear all those wonderful things about her!

andrea said...


Kara said...

she sounds like an amazing little girl! you are blessed!

Danifred said...

Sophia and my Tot sound like they would be quite a pair. Nothing but trouble, I'd predict :)
What a wonderful post, love this idea.

Mama Reg said...

so sweet. this is a cool idea, good for you!! i cant wait to hear about others!!