Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Don't forget...

Danifred did a post a while (is it awhile or a while?) back where she listed things she doesn't want to forget about her kids right now. And I'm a cheater cheater pumpkin eater, so I'm going to copy her paper and do one of my own, however, mine will just be about LIFE right now.

  • Jackson does this thing where he holds onto a table or the couch etc. and sort of bounces and giggles so hard he can't catch his breath. It's hilarious and sooo stinking cute, but Josh always has to go and make it dirty and he says that it looks "just wrong"! lol
  • I was just talking to a friend about how I think that Josh and I are the definition of opposites attracting. We are always teaching each other things and opening each others eyes to new things. And I think we really do bring out the best in each other. After being with him for almost 8 years, I honestly don't know how couples who are really similar can be happy (or get anything done) that way.
  • Marias teacher tells me that "I wish every child had maria's sense of humor" at least once a week. I love it. I think she is just a genuinely happy kid so she will laugh and giggle and carry on about literally ANYTHING.
  • I think Sophia has a future as an exercise instructor. She's always gathering us up and giving orders for different "moves" she wants us to do. "circle you head", "lift up you arms", "shake you booty", "flap you wings" (this one is her favorite and she just looooves it if her "wings" touch the person beside hers.) And it's always totally random like if we're all in the kitchen after dinner she'll just start doing it.
  • On the subject of jobs, I'm almost positive that Jack will be a garbage man. I CANNOT keep the kid out of the trash. It's ridiculous. And it's not just the trash, it's the recycling, the girls toys, the DVD drawer, the picture boxes. Anything he can get his sticky little hands on, is fair game. I love him, I really do, but by the end of the day, that boy is working my last nerve! (my hope here is that in 10 years when I read this, I'll be thinking "Oh, I'm sooo glad he grew out of THAT!"...but I'm not holding my breath)
  • When Jack walks it's HILARIOUS. He takes the smallest steps ever. It takes him 500 steps to get 5 feet. I love it. The difference between the way they all walk in the beginning is really interesting to me. Sophia used to not move the top half of her body and it was soo funny. And maria started running the day after she started walking. I kid you not, I actually have video to prove it. LOL
  • The girls ask to play with play-doh and to color And it's always before 8:30am. I started telling them that the rule is, not to ask until after I get done with my breakfast so that my eyes can be fully awake. So now they come into our room at 7:am asking if my eyes are awake yet. lol
  • Last night while the girls were going to the bathroom before bed, Josh layed down in Marias bed. I layed down next to him and I said "awww. are ya happy honey, both of us squeezing into a twin bed, just like when we were first dating" lol. Then the girls both climbed into bed with us and Josh says "No. This is SOO much better". My heart melted.

I wish I could remember everything about them forever. The way they say every word and the things they just have to have a certain way. In 15 years, I will be wishing I could go back and remember all the little things, hopefully posts like this will help remind me of the simple things about our life that make it SOOO amazing and such an incredible blessing.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The reason Chrysler Financial is the devil

And THIS is why I KNOW my day is not going to go very well today.

8:32 am
Me: *dials Chrysler financial*
enters information
is put on hold
Random customer service rep #1: "blah blah blah can I have your account information
Me: gives info

gets transferred
enters info again
RCSR #2: "blah blah blah can I have your account information"
Me: i just gave it to you people 3 times
RCSR #2: well I need it again
Me: complies, reluctantly
RCSR #2: Please hold
Me: *dials Chrysler financial AGAIN*
inputs information AGAIN
RCSR #3: blah blah blah can I have your account information please.
RCSR #3: Ma'am you cannot speak to me that way or I will hang up on you
Me: well someone else just did that for no reason, so why would you be any different
RCSR #3: I apologize for the inconvenience and the fact that we refuse to take your $463 a month. we are a bunch of imbeciles who couldn't even get our GED's (ok, maybe I'm paraphrasing there). How can I help you?
Me: I've been trying to pay my bill all morning and your stupid system wont let me, which is what happens EVERY month. Will you just take my money already so I don't have to pay a late fee.
RCSR #3: Please hold
RCSR #3's boss: Hello ma'am, I understand you're having problems paying your bill. Please give me your account information.
Me: Silently imitates throwing phone at wall and bashing head in said wall.
gives account information
RCSR #3's boss: well I can take care of that right now with a fee of $14.95
Me: well what would be the late fee if i sent in the check right now
RCSR #3's boss: $12.95
Me: hangs up and bangs head against wall. children look on in confusion.

Needless to say, I'm making this one a recurrent debit from the account. There is only so much insanity I can handle for one day and I've already reached my limit for today.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

an appology in the form of a funny video...

For the record, YES I am well aware that I haven't been on blogger in 2 weeks. I appologize for my lack of commenting AND lack of posting. I really don't have any excuse, I just haven't been on the computer all that much and when I was, I didn't really feel like being on here.
So to make up for it (and hopefully make you laugh so hard you forget about my abandonment) here is a video of Sophia that is hilarious. My favorite parts are when Maria asks to see it and then says "yuck" and when Sophia says it's out when, clearly, it's not. BTW, yes, I do laugh like that all the time, and no, I never realized how hilarious THAT is until right now. It's just who I am, I find literally EVERYTHING funny. LOL (see, I'm doing it again!)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Enough pics to sink a ship...or just 9

We had a GREAT Easter (hopefully you all did too!). After the kids opened their Easter baskets, I made breakfast (of course). Then my sister came over (the rest of my family was in WV visiting my Grandparents) to give them the baskets my mom made for them. She ended up hanging out, playing with the kids etc. Then Josh's whole family (minus one cousin and of course the brother whose wife doesn't allow him to see his own family) came over and we all ate lunch/dinner and talked and played cards. It was lots of fun and the kids had a great day (which is what really matters). Later that evening we were hanging out on the deck and Josh's dad and his girlfriend came over to give them their baskets and we all hung out for a little while. The weather here has been AWESOME the last couple weeks, (80's in northeast Ohio in April is almost unheard of!) so it was perfect weather for Easter (usually we have snow lol). Here's some of the pics from the day.

We colored eggs (of course!)
(Sophia made weird faces in every.single.picture. It's just soooo her. lol)

Here's their baskets.

This pic cracks me up. She looks like she's still asleep!

And this one cracks me up even more. If you can believe it, this is the best out of 3!

And of COURSE Jack without pants. The boy can take pants off faster than an adult lol.

Maria with her basket from "Gam"

And Sophia with hers

And all three in their Easter outfits (again, best out of 3) :D