Thursday, April 30, 2009

i'm determined to be lucky

ok, so this one is going to be a hodge-podge.

1. if you're on facebook, i DEMAND you change your language to "english (pirate)". at least for a day. it's so freaking hilarious you wont be able to think ANYTHING without putting it in pirate language. i am STILL laughing and i changed mine like 30 minutes ago. lol.

2. have you ever noticed that when you click "next blog" here on blogger, only like 1 out of 15 of those blogs are in am i supposed to read that? they could at least translate it for me!

3. my husband rocks thursday...and he rocks this week b/c he is indulging me in having this hawaiian luau this summer. what started as an idea, has turned into the biggest, most extravagant party we've every thrown (including the most expensive). and he is just smiling away as he carries my boxes of hawaiian themed items that i've purchased, to the basement and as he reads through my pages of lists. he hasnt said a word about it. he is just letting me do this. and btw that means anyone who is reading this right now, better be here :D.

which brings me to the namesake....

4. i am officially determined to be lucky. yes i know that is crazy. you're either lucky or your not. but a girl can dream can't she. anyway, wheel of fortune is having this thing all week, where you enter everyday and at the end of the week 10 ppl will win a trip for two to sandals in jamaica. ppl will know if they won by the end of may. so i have been entering, and now it has become an obsession. i am absolutely going to win this trip. i can't NOT win. how could that happen? so i have it all planned out, we will take the trip for our 5th anniversary and we are going to have the best time ever. :D lol. i know, we have practically no chance...but hey, someone has to win, right? :D

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the RIGHT age for marriage?

I'm watching a show about child brides here in America and just wanted to jot down some thoughts and questions about it.

How much have you changed since you were 13? What were you like at that age? What did you think your future would be like? What did you know about the dynamics of marriage? Is your maturity age the same for everyone (as in is one 13 yr old as mature as it brain chemistry or is it your experiences that determine what you can handle at what age)? Is there a RIGHT age to get married?

At age 13, I would say I was more mature than most other kids my age. Honestly I feel that I still am. I think some of us are put (or put ourselves) in situations that teach us things through difficulty. But that doesn't mean that I was ready to be married at that age. Though when I did get married at 20, I would say some people thought we were too young. And yet, we've made it through more in the last 4 years than some people go through in 40.

I'm a bit mixed on this subject (as you can see). On one hand, I feel like what 12-14 yr old can know that they should be spending the rest of their lives with someone. And, how many of these marriages actually last? Almost none. And physically, our brains are still forming until we are 20, so they can't foresee the consequences of their actions.

And when I think about what I thought about marriage and relationships at such a young age, it makes me literally want to laugh out loud. And about parenting....HA!

But on the other hand, a lot of these couples are TRYING to do the right thing by getting married b/c they are already pregnant. And honestly what do ANY of us know before getting married and having kids? Should we really prevent people from trying to do right for their kids? And how about, why they are having kids in the first place? Isn't there something our society or their families can do to help PREVENT (NOT END) pregnancies. Something more than we already have? I really don't know. We all have the personal responsibility to DO THE RIGHT THING. But how many of us actually do? I know from personal experiences that sometimes things (i.e. babies) just happen. But where are the parents of these teens? Can we blame them? Because I think we ALL can say that we've done things that our parents didn't know about and certainly wouldn't have approved of.

So I reiterate....WHAT IS THE RIGHT AGE FOR MARRIAGE? I really have no idea. But I really feel like it can't hurt to wait until 18. I mean, if someone wants to get married when they are 13 and they HONESTLY feel that they will be together forever, what would it hurt to wait 5 years?

Friday, April 24, 2009

simple pleasures

Here are a "few" (in my head right now it's a few, but it will probably end up being 50 lol) of the basic/silly/simple things that make my life so fun/crazy/entertaining.

  1. When Maria wakes up she says "Daaaaaddy" over and over until he goes in to get them and if she's particularly impatient she'll come into our room and say "Daddy, I was sayin 'Daaaaaddy' and you didnt come in my room. Why you stay in bed with Mommy?".
  2. I love seeing Jack smile while he sleeps. Josh does it too and its absolutely adorable.
  3. When/If (more like when though) Sophia gets in trouble for hitting, she stands in the corner. Then after she gets out she chases maria all over the house. When she finally catches her, she tackles her (I know, hitting. it's a vicious cycle) and she'll say "Mia, you give me kiss!" while she grabs her face on both sides and plants one right on her lips. Then she'll hug her and say "I sorry". the thing that is especially cute about this is that I only told her to do this once and she just does it on her own every time now.
  4. I love when Josh gives me a kiss and a BIG hug when he gets home. That is probably the one thing that can de-stress me in a minute. I just feel so safe and I know he will take care of me/us.
  5. Dinner is of course a struggle, most days to get them to eat everything (mostly it's the meat they dislike). But the whole time they cheer each other (and themselves) on by saying "I eat all my chicken and my noodles and I get a cookie", "Only little bit more!" and "Great job Pia! you eat all" it's soooo cute. And as an addition to this I will add that when Josh eats all of his dinner maria will say "Daddy you eat all. Great job! you a good boy! you get a cookie!" :D
  6. It's so rewarding to see Jack roll over. I know it's something they all do and it's totally simple, but I just love the look on their faces when they do something new. They are more surprised than we are.
  7. I LOVE the sequence of events that happens in this house when Josh pulls in the driveway. They RUN to the window to make sure he's here. Then they RUN to the back door squealing and shreaking in delight the whole way "DADDY HOME! DADDY HOME! BACK DOOR! BACK DOOR! AHHHHHH EEEEEEE". Next comes "nail!" He gives them each a peice of mail to give me and they run to give it to me. screaming the whole way "i got nail! i got nail"
  8. I take great delight in seeing the girls cooing at Jack and giving him kisses. They cheer him on to roll over and they say "great job Jack!" when he does it. And they fight over who gets to take the empty bottle and throw it in the sink, so I end up saving them on the end table rather than taking them in so that they can each have one.
  9. When the weather is decent Josh takes the girls outside and it's sooo sweet to look out the window and see him showing them how to use their tools and riding in the "trailer" behind his lawn mower (blades up of course!), and helping him clean up tree branches.
  10. I love hearing them say "give me a kiss" to Josh and I when we put them in bed. and then when we say "I love you" they say "I yuw you too". It's just the way they say it and the look on their faces. I'll never forget it, even when they're 50.
  11. Ok I was gonna try to keep it to 10, but I just can't. I love them dancing. I have the greatest DVD of them "shakin my booey" as they say. I really wish I could post it, but I cant figure out how to upload it from the dvd to the computer. :-( But trust me, you would pee in your pants, its so funny! Some of you have had the opportunity to see it and you know.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

my husband rocks

so this is a day late, but it still counts. i haven't been doing "my husband rocks" thursdays, not b/c he doesnt rock. mostly b/c i dont have that sounded pathetic. anyway, today i'm gonna do it even though it's late.

the reason josh rocks today is that he woke up early, went out and got all of us breakfast before he went to work this morning! so thank you baby for the pancakes, eggs, bacon and toast....and the SLEEP!! he is so considerate like that.

and the reason he rocks every day is b/c he takes the girls off my hands for a couple hours a night. every day after we eat dinner, he takes them outside so i can get some peace...and shower. lol. and when i look out the window and see him teaching them how to work on the tractor or use their "tools" it makes me fall in love with him more and more. i'm so lucky to have him as my husband and the father of my children.

I <3 him.

Monday, April 13, 2009

busy, busy, busy

So, I hope everyone had a great Easter. We did, for sure, though it was an extremely busy weekend.

Friday I ran out to Canton to BRU (babies r us) b/c they were having a sale. But I must say I was disappointed when I got there. There were no signs anywhere, so I thought, Oh my gosh if I got all of us ready and out the door by 8:30 this morning and drove an hour in the pouring rain and there's no sale, I'll be pissed. No. there WAS a sale, just no mention of it throughout the entire store. What's up with that? Then Friday night my friend Jessi and her hubby Ken came over for dinner which was lots of fun. I hate that she lives so far away. :-(

Saturday the girls were sooo excited b/c Aunt Mel came over and we made desserts and colored eggs. They would color eggs all day if I let them. And if you can believe it, there were NO SPILLS, though there are quite a few cracked eggs. But that cant all be blamed on the girls...I think I broke most of them, and the wax crayon too. lol. I guess I dont know my own stregth.

Sunday we had Josh's whole family over for dinner (including us it was 17 ppl). I think dinner turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself :D. idk if they thought so though. all I heard on the subject was complaints that I didnt make these disgusting noodles they always have. And I think his cousin was trying to tell me she doesnt like Jacksons name. But his mom doesnt like it either and that didnt stop us from using it, so we werent too offended. lol. And thank goodness Josh's Grandma only made me want to lash out irrationally once or twice, so that was a plus. lol. Honestly, though, it was a good weekend and I think the kids had fun and thats what matters most to me. But as I sit here I can look behind me at the taunting glances of the sink full of dirty dishes....Ugh! too many pots and pans, too little energy.

So here are some pics from the last few days. enjoy.

ps. I COULD NOT get a good pic of the girls with their easter baskets so that's why there arent any. I got lucky with jack though.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

100 movies to see before you die

Well not quite 100, more like 85-90, but close enough. I saw on a couple other blogs people were using a list of 100 movies to see before you die. And as I read the list I kept thinking "who wrote this list"? I was talking about it to Josh and I kept rattling off Movies that SHOULD have been on that list. He said why don't you just make your own. So I did. Some of these are movies I grew up watching and hearing lines from my parents. Some of these are recent and some are classics. You may not agree with them or you may have some to add. Enjoy and let me know what you think. BTW they are alphabetical, not in order of greatness. lol.

50 First Dates
American Graffiti
Annie (the original)
Annie Hall
Apollo 13
Back to the Future
The Blues Brothers
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
The Breakfast Club
The Bridges of Madison County
Caddy shack
A Christmas Story
Dan in Real Life
Dazed and Confused
Dances With Wolves
Dead Poets Society
The Deer Hunter
Dirty Dancing
Dr. Zhivago
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
Escape from Alcatraz
The Family Man
Fever Pitch
Field of Dreams
Forrest Gump
Gangs of New York
The Godfather
The Godfather Part II
Gone With the Wind
The Graduate
The Grapes of Wrath
Groundhog Day
Independence Day
It’s a Wonderful Life
King Kong
Meet the Parents
O’ Brother Where Art Thou
The Passion of the Christ
Pearl Harbor
The Pianist
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
The Princess Bride
Pretty in Pink
Pretty Woman
Rain Man
Rear Window
The Right Stuff
Risky Business
Sabrina (the original)
The Sandlot
Saving Private Ryan
Say Anything...
School of Rock
Shawshank Redemption
Shindlers List
The Shining
Silence of the Lambs
The Sound of Music
Terms of Endearment
The Ten Commandments
Time Machine
There’s Something About Mary
To Kill a Mockingbird
Top Gun
The Wizard of Oz
The Untouchables
When Harry Met Sally
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory