Monday, June 22, 2009

shave and a haircut...two bits

IDK why, but that little diddy has been stuck in my head since yesterday....OH WAIT! I DO know why. It's probably because Maria decided it would be a good idea to chop off all of sophia's bangs sometime and somewhere this weekend. We don't have the details, but to be honest, it isn't exactly a mystery and it definitely doesn't matter. Either way, my beautiful baby, now has 1/2 inch long bangs. I'm dreading the next 6 months of them trying to grow back to a normal length. I guess family pictures are out of the question...

But, other than that, we had a nice fathers day. Todd came over and appologized for his behaviour, which was nice of him. IDK how things are going to be from now on, but at least the "fight" is over.

So after that, we went to my moms for dinner and we stopped and got her a birthday cake on the way there. It's funny how we are, as mothers. We don't expect the same things that we give others. I would never think of not getting the kids or Josh a birthday cake. But I can't remember ever having one, since I moved in with him (except for this year...but I didn't get a card or gift, so I consider it a wash). And my mom is the same way. She NEVER gets a birthday cake. I hate that for her. So I specifically stopped to get her a DQ oreo blizzard cake (DELISH BTW).

We had a good day though. Basically, we just sat around talking about's what we do best lol. My Grandpa always says that "if everyone were as perfect as us, we wouldn't have to talk about them" lol. It's all in good fun though. :D


Mama Reg said...

!!!!!!! OMG!!!! dont worry, my day is coming. i did that to my brother. and painted him with nail polish lol. its the rights of the oldest child lol. im glad you had a good fathers day with the fam!!

Kara said...

oh my! I just remember when I was a kid I thought it would be a good idea to let my brother cut a HUGE chunk of hair out of the back of my head do the craziest things!