Sunday, May 31, 2009

giving up

Well, I'm officially giving up on the Caribbean getaway. I guess it's time to admit that we didn't win the all-inclusive trip from Wheel of Fortune. I'm humbled and remorseful about this devestating news. I'm not sure how long it will take for me to get over it. Days, weeks, months....years, maybe. j/k. ;-) Honestly though, I really was hoping to win. Josh and I really needed, wanted and DESERVED it. But we really don't even know when we will get to go on any vacation at all. We haven't been on one since our honeymoon (4 1/2 yrs ago). At this point we have other things our money needs to go towards....$4000 in credit card debt being one of those things :-( The others being, oh, you, car payment, groceries. lol. One day we will have the extra money to go somewhere. I have no idea how far off that will be, but I'm not seeing it in the near future. Until then, I'm trying to make every day a little better here at home so that we don't feel the UNDYING NEED to go to hawaii every single day. lol. Also another reason we are having the Luau party this summer. If we can't go there, we can bring it here. :D
Barbados Beach Pictures, Images and Photos
My final thought..........If we all got paid by how hard we work, Josh and I would be millionaires and Paris Hilton would be destitute.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

review of "angels and demons"

On Friday night, we went to dinner and a movie for my birthday. We had been wanting to see Angels and Demons because we really liked The Da Vinci Code, so we decided to see it. Though after working ALL DAY LONG we didn't get there until the 10:30 show. Which, for us is really late. I know how pathetic that sounds, but seriously, Josh works his butt off and so do I taking care of 3 kids under age 5. So we're lucky to stay awake until 10:00. So getting home at 1:30, was a bit late for us and we were hoping it would be worth it. If you are still planning on seeing it, there may be spoilers in this, though I will mark the big one with *******.

I would give this movie 2 out of 4 stars (I'm pretty sure they use a 4 star system). Here are my notes.

  1. First of all, it starts out really weird. And for about 15 minutes we both had this "huh?" look on our faces. I just kept waiting for something to be explained or for something to happen that I understood. Then even when I did realize what was going on, Josh didn't because he doesn't watch the news like I do so he hadn't heard about the people that were trying to recreate the "big bang theory". <---that's not a spoiler. I'm just saving you a lot of "huh?" moments in the theater.
  2. Also, I had a bit of a problem with the swearing and the "God Damn" in the Sistine Chapel and lots of the other churches. Not because I've never said it myself, but because of where they were and who they were. I felt it was a little unrealistic for these supposedly religious men to be swearing to God so superfluously in church. And also, I just personally think it's disrespectful and unnecessary.
  3. I'm not entirely sure if the acting was just not that great, or if it was supposed to be that way. But honestly it seemed a little bit like an episode of Law and Order from the '90's. You know, where you're trying to figure out if that person is "the guy" or they just need some acting classes. Josh thought maybe that's the way they wanted it, so you never know who's "the guy". I really am undecided on it though.
  4. The premise was decent and exciting, though not as exciting as The Da Vinci Code. It did keep me wondering and interested. I was surprised (mostly) at the end, which is always good. And we did manage to stay awake through the whole thing (still not sure how that happened).
  5. It was really gruesome. I mean REALLY gruesome. There was more than one occasion that I actually said out loud "was that necessary"(don't worry, I whispered. I'm not one of "those people"). I'm sure that it won't bother some people, but to me it felt to be a little bit too much. I mean, I guess it was "necessary" to the plot line, but it doesn't make it any less disgusting.
  6. *******************SPOILER ALERT********************So the big thing that left us both saying out loud "yeah right!" was the ending. I mean, please. The guy flies the bomb into the sky and parachutes down. Then he's thrown around against buildings and statues and knocked unconscious. There he is on the ground when his eyes pop open and he just jumps up and starts walking around like nothing happened. PAH-LEEZE. I get that what they were trying to do was show that God was protecting him, but.......well, I won't give you the ending or tell you who's "the guy" just in case someone reads this accidentally. ;-) But if you really want to know the end of that sentence, I will tell you in a private message or email.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

tv gives me self esteem

Here's a list of television shows (old and new and in no particular order) that, when watched, make me feel better about myself. The phrase "it could always be worse" comes to mind.

  1. Clean House
  2. Jon & Kate plus 8
  3. The Biggest Loser
  4. 17 Kids and Counting
  5. Engaged and Underage
  6. Wife Swap
  7. Flavor of Love
  8. Rock of Love
  9. A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila
  10. The Osbournes
  11. The Simple Life
  12. The Surreal Life
  13. Fear Factor
  14. COPS
  15. Temptation Island

Sunday, May 24, 2009

the baby....and toddler...and preschooler

Just a few pictures of my beautiful babies. You know you love them :D

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

reindeer poop, anyone?

This story is about 5 months late, but just as hilarious today as it was back then.

Around Christmastime I found these stocking stuffers at walmart that were really funny. So I bought 2 of them. It was a little plastic reindeer that held brown jellybeans inside of it and when you push down on the reindeer's back he "poops". (yes I am well aware that this is childish toilet humor, but it doesn't make it any less amusing). I put one in Josh's stocking and had the girls give one to my dad. They were a riot.

So the day after Christmas Josh was playing with his, with the girls. Maria has her hand in her mouth and I said "what's the matter maria" she exclaimed "I HAVE REINDEER POOP STUCK IN MY MOUTH!" we were rolling laughing. I said "well that's one statement I never thought I would hear....and not scream in horror".

As if that wasn't funny enough, today I found the reindeer b/c I've been cleaning to get ready for my garage sale this weekend. So there it is on the coffee table and Maria walks in the room and yells out "oh mommy! I want reindeer poop! I love eatin' reindeer poop! it's nummy yummy!" (Josh says num yummy all the time b/c of that commercial where the guy gets a new name tag on his cubicle that says num yummy b/c he loves soup or something).

So then after her begging me to let her eat reindeer poop a bunch of times. I said no. So this is what she says to me "fine, mommy. you no let me eat reindeer poop then I ask daddy when he come home from work. how 'bout that." ("how 'bout that" is her new favorite saying...yeah)

What am I, the poop nazi? Anyway that's my fun story for the day.

Ohmigosh! Wait. I think I actually have a picture. Let me go see....

Yes folks. That is, in fact, my father looking up a reindeer's ass....while holding my children.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


This morning I intended for this to be a much different blog than it's going to be.

I haven't been in the best mood lately. We got majorly SCREWED by Josh's old boss and now the state is making us give back Josh's unemployment checks from three weeks of the winter. Which of course I have just laying around the house, so I can just send those right on down to them....yeah. No. We actually used those for, ya know...groceries, the mortgage, insurance. Plus we're still trying to deal with Josh's identity getting stolen and not being able to refinance.

But, I got a nice little relief last night, so I was going to share it all with you. I sat down here and plugged in my camera to upload some very important pictures, only to find that my entire memory card was erased. idk how, when or why. just gone. everything. So I wiped the tears from my eyes, unplugged and decided I would still share the fact that Josh threw me a surprise birthday party last night and make it a "my husband rocks....Sunday". But alas, no email. I was totally unable to get on anything related to gmail, including blogspot. Apparently I didn't exist for a while today. w/e. But I decided to go do some yard work with Josh and a bunch of other meaningless crap. Then for no apparent reason, that husband that I wanted to brag about so badly, decided to be a total **** and start yelling at me about how fertilizer doesn't expire (even though it had an expiration date on it for....September 2007!). (whhaaatt?) So I left. Its what I do. I'm not saying its the best idea I've ever had, but I just need time to myself so I don't say anything stupid. I decided I would run to Alliance to spend my birthday gift certificate. I get to the store at closed at 6:00. Ugh! So I drive around aimlessly for an hour to have some alone time. I get home and I finally get my google to start working. So I get on here to write this and my computer freezes, and doesn't save any of what I had written...yeah.

So all I have to say at this point is WTH!!!!!!! Am I on some hidden camera reality show? Is Ashton Kutcher about to jump out from behind my couch? I'm just wondering b/c otherwise I'm going to bed right now and calling this a day.

BTW for those of you following, I cheated last night....I had a piece of birthday cake. It was fantastic! It was like crack. And apparently I love crack. ;-)

Friday, May 8, 2009

my husband rocks

So josh rocks today for a few reasons.
  1. He is being really supportive while i am not eating sweets. i know he wanted ice cream last night, but he didnt eat it in front of me. :D
  2. He is doing it with me, by not drinking and he is being sooo good about it. i was sure he was gonna give in on day one, but he's doing great. even with the guys at work bugging him about it.
  3. He got me something for mothers day even though we agreed that we would get family pics done instead. so now i get both. :D idk what it is, but he's hilarious when he buys me something he always wants to give it to me that day. he never can wait. its soo cute.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

what have you done for me lately?

oooo oo oo oo yeah.....
Great, now I'll have that song in my head for the rest of the night. lol.

First let me say that I lied and have no pictures for you today. :-( sorry.

So I just read a friends blog (Diana, her blog is "i am still" sorry I don't know how to link) and she was saying how we should appreciate our bodies, b/c they never did anything to us. And at first I agreed because I have to say it is an absolute MIRACLE every time a baby is born healthy. Only God could make two cells turn into a human being. And that is one way that she is right, but then I thought, wait a minute. My body has done more harm than good to me in the last 5 years....heck in my whole life. Including the fact that it tried to kill all three of my children. I honestly am struggling to come up with some good things about my body. So the following is a list of reasons my body and I aren't currently on speaking terms.
  • I suppose I will go with the most obvious. Well, are obvious if you know me. :D I had to wear a bra in the THIRD GRADE. That's right folks. What were you doing in the third grade? Good money says not wearing bras. lmao.
  • I am unable to give ANY amount of blood. I have actually had 4 separate medical professionals (2 anesthesiologists, one surgeon and one ICU doctor) tell me they have NEVER, in decades as Dr.s seen someone with such terrible veins. One of the anesthesiologists had to leave the room and come back b/c he was getting so pissed at my BODY. And that is not including the uncountable number of nurses and phlebotomists.
  • I heal like a banana. No, seriously.
  • For some reason I carry ALL of my weight in my stomach. I could not pay, nor bribe my butt to uphold it's end of the bargain (no pun intended there). So I am officially a walking APPLE, complete with the bright red face (only after a drink or two though lol)
  • A few letters for ya....HELLP (hemolytic anemia, elevated liver enzymes and low platelets). For those of you, not yet informed, it was my bodies excruciatingly painful and nearly fatal, way of telling me I should never be a mother.
  • And because I will forever fail to take a hint, a few more letters....NAIT (neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia). It only took two pregnancies affected with this little gem, to make me wanna call it quits.
  • And on the baby note, how about the fact that, not for lack of trying (and trying and trying) I was never able to BF any of my three children.
  • HEAD.ACHES. every minute of every day for the last....10 months, I believe (and as a sweet little tid-bit, my body has decided to throw in the occasional day of total dizziness).
  • BODY.ACHES. at least 2 days a week. To the point that I'm starting to believe I have a new disorder called "hitbyverylargetruckwithoutmemoryofevent syndrome"'s a working title.

So, to recap, this is why for the last 4 yrs, I have run (not walked) to the freezer on a daily basis for ice cream. I'm thinking of it as pay-back. ;-)

I love you Diana and I am sooo glad you appreciate your body for all that it has done for you. I'm just not there yet. The wounds are still to fresh...get it, b/c I never heal. I crack myself up sometimes. lol :D

Sunday, May 3, 2009

day 2-the challenge!

so, apparently "it's no big deal" to give up something that you "dont need" but enjoy. at least this is true according to josh.

soooo i have officially challenged him to 30 days without alcohol. that's right, no beer, wine, shots, margaritas. nothing. nada. he agreed to this challenge last night (immediately following his ridiculous statement) so today is actually his day one. and guess what. he came in here BEGGING for a beer after mowing. it was hilarious. i said, "no way. but, I can have one, i can have 5 if i want". (though i wouldn't b/c i think beer has a rotten taste.) then i used his own words against him. i said, "but hunny, it's no big deal to give up something that you don't need, but enjoy. it should be especially easy for someone with your amazing powers of self-restraint". lol. ahhh sweet revenge. that'll teach him to devour a huge, chocolate cookie in front of me. lmao.

i am quite proud of myself though. because today i went grocery shopping and as much as i wanted to, i didn't get anything sweet. thank you. thank you. no applause necessary. lol. :D

also, i just realized i haven't posted pics in a long time, so i promise to have a few next time.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

day 1

well, we're looking at the end of day 1, and of course i am in sugar withdrawls. picture me curled up in the fetal position rocking and crying to myself to sleep. lol. ok, not quite that bad, but still quite difficult. i mean, i cant remember a day that i havent had something sweet. even if its just something small. but i really need to break myself of this habit/addiction. i'm sure it will get easier...or maybe it will get worse. i really dont know. at this point.

i do, however, know that i am irritated at technology today. i spent probably 2 1/2 hrs making a playlist with over 40 songs on it to burn to a cd for our luau. i mean, i researched and googled and added and rearranged until my eyes were burning. only to find out....that is illegal. and apparently my computer has a very good set of morals. ugh. all that work for nothing.

then, i tried to change my blog layout. as you can tell, it eventually took, but trust me that was not quick, nor easy. but definitely worth it. i really like this new one. buuuuttt i will probably be changing it in a couple months. i get bored too easily.

well, i'm off to put the kids in bed and hopefully relax on the couch without letting the chocolate cravings over-take my body.

Friday, May 1, 2009

30 days without sugar?!

So I know I've been blogging like crazy lately. This is my second one today and third in the last two days. But I just made a decision to do something and I need to write it down right now or I WONT do it. I just know myself.

So I happened to catch like 5 minutes of Oprah today (hate her otherwise though) and they said something about giving something up for 30 days. It doesn't matter what it is, food, a habit, a word, anything that is not doing you any good in your life. And you don't have to give it up forever. Just 30 days.

So I am following Jenny McCarthy and giving up sugar. I depend on it WAY too much. I absolutely NEED it at least twice a day. It is getting out of hand. And esp. since we are going to Jamaica ;-) lol. I need to jump-start a healthier lifestyle in some way. And it's not like I wont be able to eat anything. Its just this one food group that has been ruining my life since i was a child. lol. And hopefully after the 30 days is over, I won't crave it so often. So join me. I think there is something that we ALL could give up and be better for it, so why not. We can all complain together.

no?...NO?...what means this "no".

I mean, they've said it before..."no, I don't want juice" or "no, I didn't throw that ball at my sister". But now, all of a sudden it's "go stand in the corner"..."NO" and "clean up the playroom"..."NO". what's up with that?

Oh and now it's also "WHHHHYYY" said just like that too. With the cutest faces you've ever seen.

And to make matters worse Maria is in the habit of taking what I tell her is going to happen, turning it around to what she wants to happen then saying "how bout that?".

WTF!!!!??? am I being outsourced?! do I need to file for unemployment or what? am I right I actually here in this house. now how much do you want to bet I get 10X this kind of back-talk in 10 yrs....OH GOD!!! sorry, folks, i just thought about that for a second and literally shuddered.

OMG! as I am sitting here right now, it just happened AGAIN. I told Sophia to stand in the corner for hitting maria. she (of course) told me know. i told her to get in there. after standing there for a few minutes, she just walked out and said "I'm done in corn" AHHHHH!!! What is happening in this house. Now she's SOBBING b/c now she has to go BACK to the corner. ugh! When does it end....I know, I know....when they move out............if then?

On another note....who DOESN'T like the beach? I mean really? on facebook some guy is trying to tell me that only women and gay men like the beach.....YEAH, I kid you not. I don't think I ever knew someone that didn't like the beach. I hate the heat...but I love the beach. I mean...IT'S THE FREAKING BEACH! Is sand and turquoise water all of a sudden too metro sexual for all the manly men out there. b/c i gotta tell ya, my step-dad and my husband are pretty manly men and they LOVE the beach. some ppl.