Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Best parts of my day

  • Being woken up by either a) the girls begging for food lol. or b) josh kissing me (either option is awesome)
  • Hearing the girls say "bye, my booey" when josh leaves for work (we have no idea what that means, but they've been saying it for more than a year)
  • Watching Jack actually EAT ON HIS OWN. Omigosh, he's finally eating finger food by himself (no medieval force-feeding torture machine needed ;-))
  • The girls "tippin toe" (tip-toeing) out to the living room and peeking around the corner to see if they can get up from their naps.
  • or if Maria has preschool, it's when we're waiting in line and she asks me what every single button or knob in the car does. She laughs the whole time b/c she thinks it's hilarious that I answer her every day. lol I LOVE that laugh and I wish I could bottle it up and save it for 10 years from now lol.
  • Sophia helping me with the laundry. She loves helping me sort it and put it in the washer and she absolutely HAS to push the buttons. lol.
  • When Josh gets home and the girls RUN, SQUEALING to the back door to see him. then he gives them the mail to give me and he gives me a kiss hello...no matter how dirty he is from work (however, some days it's more like a peck due to oil, grease or whatever else is on there lol).
  • after-dinner dancing! (not always every day)
  • The good night "routine" when we put the girls to bed.
  • 8:01 when the house is quiet and josh and i have time ALONE :D
  • laying in bed with josh holding hands and talking. i love it. it's nothing special, but we've done it every night for the last 6 1/2 years we've lived together. (except for a short time when he worked midnights :-( and an occasional fight that went over-night lol).


Tricia said...

I may steal your idea! It's great to remember the things that make you and your family special!

Sorry I've been MIA from the blogging scene. Nothing really to share. I'll get back to it soon, I'm sure!

Danifred said...

I love those moments after the kids go to bed. And, I love that you guys hold hands and talk... so awesome!