Thursday, January 7, 2010

1 year and 8 days...

Ok, so I realized yesterday that I hadn't done a post about how far our little Jack-in-the-box has come since New Years day one year ago. So here we go.
  • he's pulling himself up to stuff, cruising and standing on his own (no official steps yet though).
  • he thinks he's hilarious. he's always laughing at the "funny" stuff he does.
  • he mimics everything we do and it's freaking adorable.
  • I've been trying to get him to blow kisses, but instead of him doing it when I'm done, he just grabs my hand and puts it to my mouth. then he'll pull it away and laaaugh.
  • he's a PITA about eating. I mean a TOTAL pain. no way in the world can we get him to eat Cheerios (etc.) off his high chair tray. no, no. instead he throws them all on the floor, screams in irritation, then when I put him on the floor, he eats them all off of the floor. on a positive note I've been cleaning the floors daily, so it's making me a better housekeeper ;-)
  • he likes a little action. he's easily bored when it's just the two of us. but as soon as the girls (or anyone) enter the room he's a happy camper.
  • I'm pretty sure he has "younger sibling syndrome" (I'm also pretty sure i just made that up). once he became mobile, he automatically thought he was one of the older kids. he'd rather go back to the play room with the girls and just sit and stare, than be out here with all his toys.
  • favorite thing to play with in the entire house...the flap on the dishwasher detergent thing. no joke. it's like an addiction.
  • he LOOOOVES the vacuum cleaner. if he's in his bead and I'm vacuuming, i can hear him in there jumping up and down laughing and squealing with delight.
  • his "lovey" is a sock...any sock will do (but he does prefer the smaller ones). it immediately goes in his hand while he starts sucking his thumb. hilarious...and a little perplexing.
  • he's got mama, baba and dada down, but that's pretty much it. however baba is used for all things with that sound (bye-bye, bad boy, and of course bottle!)
  • STILL NO TEETH! (I know, right!) we're looking on getting a group rate for a pair of little baby dentures and Josh's new tooth. ;-)


andrea said...

no teeth, really?!?

i love how babies think they are the most hilarious beings around - so adorable!

renee said...

yah. the girls (and me too) didnt get the first tooth/teeth until well after 1. (for me it was more like 18 mos). so just waiting...and