Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers (2-5-10)

OK, I've tried it a million times and can't get the icon to copy over here so visit Danifred for more leftover fun.

This will be my first time participating in Danifreds Friday Night leftovers. So here's whats been going around in my head this week.

  • I've been a little cranky lately with everyone who doesn't live in this house. I really don't know why, it's just one of those moods where everyone is irritating me. I feel like people need to grow up and lighten up all at the same time. Maybe that's an oxymoron, but I really don't care. lol
  • Apparently we are supposed to get hit really hard tonight with some snow. The kids are super excited about the possibility of some "sliding" (sledding) and I am just happy to hibernate, as usual.
  • We went and had our taxes done last night. So now we're looking at where to go on our FIRST VACATION EVER!!!! We haven't been on a vacation since our honeymoon (5 yrs ago), so we are pumped about that.
  • I got both of the girls signed up for preschool for next year. I didn't really talk about it on here, but Maria's teachers are concerned about her (developmentally) because she's not recognizing most of her letters and she is still struggling with her name (she usually writes it backwards and it's not entirely clear what she is writing), she doesn't use scissors correctly and a couple other things that to me are insignificant (I mean, come often do you have a need for "galloping" in the real world?). I had a few really rough days last month just trying to accept that things are never going to be easy for her. She's struggled since the second she was born and she's still struggling almost 5 yrs later. I definitely let my guilt get the better of me. But we ended up just deciding to keep her in preschool another year. OBVIOUSLY she's not going to stand out (size-wise) as being older than the other kids. lol. AFA Sophia goes, she CAN.NOT.WAIT. to go to preschool. And I'm sure she will excel. She already knows pretty much everything Maria knows and can do everything she does. Things have always come easy to her and I'm grateful for that. It's hard enough watching one child struggle her whole life.
  • I had a day all to myself yesterday. IT.WAS.AWESOME. I cleaned and did laundry and watched some TV....all UNINTERRUPTED! :D And it was a nice little reunion that evening.
  • We are trying to move forward with my family. We fought. Everyone said things that were hurtful, and more than likely no one is going to apologize. We just need to move on and try to get past our hurt feelings. Things are still super awkward, but at least we are trying. Some families (or family members) wouldn't do that much. So I guess we should consider ourselves lucky.
  • Oh and for those who were concerned about the situation with the SIL, I got some great advice from a great friend (and from an awesome husband) and I've decided to just ignore her. I can't control her, so I shouldn't waste my time being concerned about her actions and her words. I had commented over there and then Josh was like "why are you giving her your time? she is a worthless piece of shit." And he was so right. So I haven't checked her blog since and I don't plan on ever checking it again. Here's hoping she will do the same. :D


Danifred said...

I hope you and your SIL are able to at least ignore each other, it seems like you've been very hurt by her.

We are currently getting snow here and Tot has already been "sliding."

Glad you got some you time... isn't that THE BEST!!!

andrea said...

yay for vacations!! hope you guys come up with somewhere fun and exciting to go.

preschool sounds like it is going well,and the girls will probably really enjoy being together next year. Maria is fabulous!

Sorry there is more fighting going on with you guys, hope it gets less awkward soon.

And - glad you aren't giving your crazy ass SIL the time of day anymore.