Thursday, January 7, 2010

3 years and 1 day

(three weeks old)

(three years old)

(yes that is a 1 & a does equal 3 after all...;-)

So, our little Pia pants is 3 years and 1 day old today. Here are some things she can do right now and some things I always want to remember about her right now.

(and I just remembered that I didn't do one for Jack on New Years day, so I will do that tomorrow, I promise).

  • She speaks like a 4 yr old. She's always been advanced with her speech (maybe it's genetic lol) and that has just continued. .

  • she runs, jumps, kicks, climbs, throws, catches* and all that fun stuff.

  • she is absolutely OBSESSED with Jack. she loves him like I have never seen a child love another child. I really thought that Maria was protective of her when she was born, but that is NOTHING compared to how Sophia is with Jack.

  • she eats with a spoon and fork well, however it's not exactly clean...same goes for a cup (she does it, but if we're having company or something i usually just give her a sippy so she doesnt get all excited and knock it over).

  • she makes up songs and sings them all.the.time. (yesterdays went a little something like this...."happy birthday to meeee. everyone gonna sing to meee. because it's my birthdeeee.) and i hope i always remember the way she dances right now.

  • she recognizes the basic shapes and colors

  • she knows some letters (including "S" of course) and tries desperately to write her name.

  • she speaks Spanish...neither of us have any idea what she's saying, but who cares. (she's actually doing it right now lol)

  • She almost always puts her fingers in her dimples when you ask her to smile for a picture.

  • she's an EXTREMELY picky eater (which I'm SURE is Gods punishment for the way I was about eating at her age...or ALL ages lol) and this includes hiding food in her cheeks and storing it for hours...or going and spitting it out in the bathroom (another one of those things that I have NO idea where she got it from....;-)**

  • She's about the hungriest child ever. She asks for food CONSTANTLY and last week she finally found an answer to my question of "why are you always asking for food?". her answer..."because mommy, I'm hungry when my bodies hungry". Can't really argue with that logic (esp. when she says it while she's lifting up her shirt and rubbing her belly).***

  • she likes to "call" people on her phone and she actually has a whole conversation with them that generally starts a little something like this..."hey. whats up. what are you doing? nothing? oh. ok...." and almost always leads to "when you comin over?".

  • she's working on sharing and taking turns. however I think the fact that I've heard her put her barbies "in the corner" says a little something about how that's going lol

  • she LOVES being read to. her favorite is "are you my mother". she asks me to read it to her daily and i do it happily because i know that it wont be long before she's reading it on her own.****

  • she begs EVERY DAY to go to preschool and still gets teary when we drop Maria off at school.

  • She's sooooo polite it's about the cutest thing ever. Even if I tell her no about something she STILL says "ok thanks mom".

  • She's always asking people to "play twirly whirl" with her. Which pretty much just consist of each party holding one end of a string and twirling it around. But she thinks its the coolest thing ever. :D

*ok, her catching isnt exactly perfected yet, but she still tries and that's whats important.

**i know that sentence is grammatically incorrect, but I can't figure out how to fix it and still make it say what I want.

***she actually did this at the restaurant last night...gotta love her.

****she has most of it memorized already. i keep trying to get it on video and can't quite get it all for one reason or another.

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andrea said...

happy birthday little lady!!!