Thursday, March 4, 2010

I could have sworn...

I could have sworn we were raising girls....but apparently we're raising sailors.

Maria: (as she stands up on her chair and shakes her butt at Sophia) You wanna see my booty Pia?

Sophia: No. You wanna see my mouth Mia! (as she opens her mouth to show off her chewed up food)

Josh: What the hell are you teaching them every day!

Clearly, I am not the negative influence here. ;-)


Lindsay said...

So funny : ) I have a bad habit of saying "Oh Sh#t" without realizing it. The other day my three year old dropped something and guess what he said. I try to watch it but most of the time it comes out without me even thinking about it! I just hope he doesn't say it when I take him to the church day care! : )

Danifred said...

Kids are so flippin' funny!!!