Monday, February 22, 2010

ABC's of our life

I got this from Danifred and I thought it would be fun. So all day yesterday, I had out my handy dandy notepad and when I thought of something I jotted it down and this is what I ended up with. I encourage you to do it too (and remember to link to me when you do).

A is for Alaska. Josh and I have talked about going, since before we got married. Someday we'll get there and I will finally get to see those northern lights in person. cant' wait.

B is for Barbies. Any time we tell the girls we are going somewhere, their Barbies are the first things they grab.

C is for Cabo. It's where we went on our honeymoon and it was aaaamazing. Here actually.

D is for Dress-up. If you're going to be spending any time in this house, you have to be prepared for all the pretty, pretty princess dress-up that goes on. (and that includes being turned into a frog with their magic wands, and only turned back with the magic word..."ZzzzIP!")

E is for Easter. I got the girls Easter dresses the other day. Still looking for Jacks outfit though. I hate that there are so fewer cute clothes for boys than there are for girls.

F is for Floors. I spend probably the majority of my time dealing with floors. Cleaning Jacks food off the kitchen floor, cleaning the girls crumbs off the dining room floor, picking up toys off the living room floor, etc...

G is for Grinders. It's actually where Josh and I met. Our friend Justin set us up. Josh always says that he couldn't resist me shaking my butt when I walked by his table. yah, we're classy.

H is for Home. Our house may not be the biggest or nicest house out there, but it's our home and we love it. We have made a lifetime of memories in this house in the last 3 1/2 years.

I is for Ice cream. Josh swears I am the only person that eats ice cream all winter long. I dispute that.

J is for Jack-in-the-box. It's a terrible nickname that started after he was born. When the girls came to "meet" him, they asked why he was in a box (the isolette) and it just stuck.

K is for Keep cool, Stay calm. It's a phrase that I've been repeating to myself a lot lately. I'm thinking about putting it on a plate at hot pots.


M is for Mustang. A yellow '94 Mustang GT with a 5.0 and black racing stripes, to be exact. It was the car Josh had while we were dating. He sold it to his brother when we got pregnant with Maria (not exactly suitable for a car seat lol). We have soooo many memories in that car and if we had the money, I would buy it back for him right now. It absolutely breaks my heart that his brother is selling it. The person he's selling it to has never had a car for more than a couple months, so pretty soon that car will be gone forever and I hate that.

N is for NICU. Unfortunately we've spent many months there with all three of the kids.

O is for Olympics. Yes, we are Winter Olympics junkies. We really couldn't care less about the Summer Olympics, but we watch as much of the winter as we can. Josh loves all the skiing and the luge and bobsled etc. I'm forever a Curling fan, and we both like hockey.

P is for photos. If you know me at all, you know I'm obsessed.

Q is for Quilt. I have always saved my favorites of the kids clothes or blankets, when I purge the closets and I plan on making them each a quilt for graduation with them. From baby clothes to senior T-shirts, their first 18 years in one quilt.

R is for aRe you my mother (yes I cheated on this one). It's Sophia's favorite book. She has it memorized, but she still asks me to read it to her almost every day.

S is for Strawberry Newtons. Jacks new favorite food. His eyes get all big and he starts clapping whenever I get them out for him. It's precious.

T is for Teeth/Tooth. Josh is finally getting his tooth. Jack still only has one. and the Girls insist on brushing theirs 5 times a day.

U is for Team Umizoomi. It's Maria's new favorite show. She's obsessed. seriously. I swear she has an internal clock that tells her when it's on.

V is for Vacation. We are FINALLY getting to take one after 5 years and We.can't.wait.

W is for Whining. as in...TOO MUCH in this house. lol

X is for Xylophone. (yes, I'm using it) Jack has two of them and I swear to God, they are his favorite toys. no joke.

Y is for Youth. Where has it gone. I look at other people my age and I feel soooo much older and more mature than them. They are still trying to figure out who they are and I'm thinking about our retirement.

Z is for Zoo I'm stealing this one from Danifred because my house is like a zoo sometimes too.


Lindsay said...

This is so cute! I am an ice cream eater too! Actually my hubby has been out of town since Sunday and I have had it every day since. I am trying to start my diet tomorrow but will have to melt the ice cream I have in my freezer otherwise it wont work : )

Danifred said...

Love your new layout!

I eat ice cream every single night. Every. single. night. You're not alone!

andrea said...

the quilt is a fun idea. i like it!!

i am so excited for you guys and your vacation! yay!

Also - I remember that mustang, that is too bad his brother is selling it.

And I have something for you on my blog, check it out