Wednesday, May 20, 2009

reindeer poop, anyone?

This story is about 5 months late, but just as hilarious today as it was back then.

Around Christmastime I found these stocking stuffers at walmart that were really funny. So I bought 2 of them. It was a little plastic reindeer that held brown jellybeans inside of it and when you push down on the reindeer's back he "poops". (yes I am well aware that this is childish toilet humor, but it doesn't make it any less amusing). I put one in Josh's stocking and had the girls give one to my dad. They were a riot.

So the day after Christmas Josh was playing with his, with the girls. Maria has her hand in her mouth and I said "what's the matter maria" she exclaimed "I HAVE REINDEER POOP STUCK IN MY MOUTH!" we were rolling laughing. I said "well that's one statement I never thought I would hear....and not scream in horror".

As if that wasn't funny enough, today I found the reindeer b/c I've been cleaning to get ready for my garage sale this weekend. So there it is on the coffee table and Maria walks in the room and yells out "oh mommy! I want reindeer poop! I love eatin' reindeer poop! it's nummy yummy!" (Josh says num yummy all the time b/c of that commercial where the guy gets a new name tag on his cubicle that says num yummy b/c he loves soup or something).

So then after her begging me to let her eat reindeer poop a bunch of times. I said no. So this is what she says to me "fine, mommy. you no let me eat reindeer poop then I ask daddy when he come home from work. how 'bout that." ("how 'bout that" is her new favorite saying...yeah)

What am I, the poop nazi? Anyway that's my fun story for the day.

Ohmigosh! Wait. I think I actually have a picture. Let me go see....

Yes folks. That is, in fact, my father looking up a reindeer's ass....while holding my children.

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Tricia said...

How funny... I saw those around Christmas time. We bought one for my "couth" master grandma. She couldn't figure out what it was, and when she did, she had to go wash her hands and she threw it away. It was hilarious. Sometimes we need to smile around the hectic holidays HAHA