Sunday, May 3, 2009

day 2-the challenge!

so, apparently "it's no big deal" to give up something that you "dont need" but enjoy. at least this is true according to josh.

soooo i have officially challenged him to 30 days without alcohol. that's right, no beer, wine, shots, margaritas. nothing. nada. he agreed to this challenge last night (immediately following his ridiculous statement) so today is actually his day one. and guess what. he came in here BEGGING for a beer after mowing. it was hilarious. i said, "no way. but, I can have one, i can have 5 if i want". (though i wouldn't b/c i think beer has a rotten taste.) then i used his own words against him. i said, "but hunny, it's no big deal to give up something that you don't need, but enjoy. it should be especially easy for someone with your amazing powers of self-restraint". lol. ahhh sweet revenge. that'll teach him to devour a huge, chocolate cookie in front of me. lmao.

i am quite proud of myself though. because today i went grocery shopping and as much as i wanted to, i didn't get anything sweet. thank you. thank you. no applause necessary. lol. :D

also, i just realized i haven't posted pics in a long time, so i promise to have a few next time.


Tricia said...

YAY for no sugar. I had to concentrate really hard today on not getting ICE CREAM. It is my freaking favorite. But I did. Day 2.... SUCCESS... and I LOVE your lesson for your husband. Sometimes they need that little kick in the butt... haha!!!

Mama Reg said...

haha thats awesome. good job making it through day 2!!

andrea said...

i laughed out loud bc i can picture josh saying this.... and regretting it!
good job!!