Sunday, March 22, 2009

what's a day without a little frustration?

So tomorrow Maria will be 4 yrs old. I really cant believe how fast its gone. I'll probably post some sad sappy memory filled blog tomorrow, so get out your tissues. lol.

But today I just wanted to let everyone know that my CT was clear! I knew it would be, I just needed the official confirmation. Though I have to tell you about the issues I had getting the results.

So on Friday I called the Dr.'s office and they said they never recieved it. She said, you have to call them and ask them if they faxed it to us (she couldn't do it b/c of privacy issues). So I called the radiologist and ran around in circles with the dumb receptionist.

Me: I'm just calling to find out if you sent my results to the Dr. b/c they haven't recieved them.
Her: I always send them 24-48 hrs after I recieve them
Me: Ok, but can you check to see if mine have been sent?
Her: I always send them 24-48 hrs after we recieve them
Me: I get that. I just want you to check and see if MINE have been sent
Me: Do you hear how ridiculous you sound?
Her: Do YOU hear how ridiculous YOU sound?
Me: Why can't you just check my file to see if you sent them!
Her: It's not my job to be your tracking device!
Me: I'm not asking you to be my tracking device, I'm asking you to do your job!

After that wasted 2 minutes of my life I hung up on her. Later I called the Dr.'s office back and the nurse says. "yeah we just recieved them from them so thanks for calling up there" GRRRRR!!!!

Anyway it was all clear (except for the stroke that I already knew about). So here's you daily fix of cute kid pics. enjoy :D

PS do you see how huge jack is getting!!! I really dont know how to react to a normal sized child. lol.

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