Saturday, March 7, 2009

long time no blog

Sorry its been so long since I've blogged to ya. It's been pretty busy around here. I'm getting ready for a garage sale that I'm gonna have in the spring. I never realized how many clothes these girls had until I went through the 2 XL rubbermaid containers of them. Ugh! anyone in need of any baby clothes, see me.

Jackson is growing like a weed. I'm not kidding at all! He was 8 lb 10 oz last week. which means that in one month he grew almost 3 lbs! part of me is proud and part of me is worrying that he's been blessed with my metabolism. LOL. Honestly though he's doing really well, esp. since we got the reflux under control. He's getting zantac twice a day and it's really helping him stay happy. He's still puking about once a day, but i'll take that over the SCREAMING. He's been smiling at us and making faces too so thats sooo much fun.

I got maria signed up for preschool for next year. I'm hoping she's not too far behind. I wish I knew what all the other kids can do before hand so I could help her out. I know she'll stand out for being small, but she really is smart and I hope that she shows it and comes out of her shell a little bit.

I took pia to get her eyes checked to see if that's why she's so....clumsy. She said that she looks like she could use a small prescription, but not enough for them to give a 2 yr old glasses and not enough that it would make her not see walls and tables, etc. So she said maybe I should bring her back if it doesn't stop in 6 months. b/c she could have missed something. It's hard to see everything inside a wiggly childs eyes. Idk, I'm just hoping she's clumsy and It'll go away. I finally got brave enough to cut her bangs though. I was so scared to mess up her hair when I am planning to get family pics taken soon. but I think I did ok.

I'm starting to think I need to head to the Dr.'s myself. since Jack was born I've been nauseaus after I eat and I've got a headache (constant) on the left side of my head and I've also been off balance/dizzy. I had that MRI the day Jack was born so I know "it's not a tuuma" (said in arnold schwarzenegger voice). I googled it (LOL) and it came back with something wrong with my gall bladder. eh. idk if thats what it is. but I'll let you all know when I find out.

so here are some pics from this past week. enjoy.

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andrea said...

so glad miss sophia has good eyes! hopefully she just starts paying closer attention to the walls... lol

AFA not feeling good - seriously it could be your gallbladder. i personally know 3 ppl who had to have theirs removed after having kids. and my mom actually is having hers taken out in a few weeks - she has the nausea thing right now. and her back hurts and a few other things - if you wnat more info let me know! but hopefully it will ease up on its own and you'llbe a-ok!