Thursday, July 22, 2010

The runner

Dear Jackson,
Here is a list of times and places when running is appropriate.
  • You are being chased by a dog, serial killer, debt collector. Really ANY time you're being chased
  • You are on the track team
  • Your house is on fire
  • Your car is about to explode
  • Someone is trying to have sex with you and you are under the age of....40 ;-)

And here is a list of times that your running was not appreciated

  • You wanted to see the cows, but your daddy didn't know that...
  • You wanted to see Grandmas neighbors backyard while she was playing with your sisters and Dakota
  • You wanted to visit your Grandpa and Linda but everyone else was going inside
  • You saw something shiny...across the street, while we were at the park

We have definitely had some close calls because of your running, and I would appreciate it if from now on you would take daddy and I seriously when we scream "Jack, stop!". The giggling is cute, but could definitely get dangerous once you get faster than us.


Mama Reg said...

awwwww lol...cute post. aw thats funny. SO CUTE that he is getting around so fast but yeah they sure know how to scare you!

andrea said...

you didn't know running across the street was not fun?!
We have a runner too - she ran through target the other day with her hands in the air like we just freed her from jail.
goofy kids!

Danifred said...

Such a cute post! Luckily, we haven't had much running around these parts... just a bunch of jumping and screaming.