Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

Is it Friday already!? OMG this week went so fast for me. Anyway, here are my leftovers
  • I ordered 20 Cleveland Browns tickets today for Nov 7th. I'm surprising Josh this year for his birthday with Tailgating and Browns game with his friends and family instead of just a bonfire. He's been working so hard this year, he really deserves it! Every year he says how great that would be, so this year, he's getting it! BTW, I have no idea how to tell him about it. Any good ideas would be appreciated.
  • My house is a mess. No, seriously, a disaster area. There are toys all over the house, the dishwasher needs done and I have two loads of laundry on the couch waiting to be folded. It's been so flipping hot today, though that I can't even begin to do any of it, especially after a day of chasing after 3 little ones.
  • Vacation countdown...3 weeks! :D I.CAN'T.WAIT. (and neither can the kids, btw)
  • You know what I hate? HYPOCRISY. I hate it like nothing else in this world. Like when someone creates drama out of nothing and then they bitch about other people starting drama just to make themselves look better. I just hate that. Or like when someone tries to make up with them and they say they aren't interested, then they go around saying that they wish that person would make up with them. Or like when someone says that they are a good Christian and they go around saying that anyone who doesnt have a college education is useless or that stay at home moms (and dads) are setting a bad example for their kids because they are lazy and unmotivated. Not very "Christian" is it. Just sayin.
  • I bought a winter coat today. It's 98 degrees outside. But it was on sale and I haven't had a winter coat in 2 years that actually fit, plus I had a gift card from my birthday I still haven't used. Totally justified. (also I NEVER buy clothes for myself...hence the 2 years thing).


Danifred said...

Buying those tickets is an awesome gift! I think you should just take him without telling him what's really up.
Our house is a wreck as well. I just keep telling myself to do one thing a day and I'm good.

andrea said...

he is going to love that! how awesome of you! I'm with danifred - take him w/o saying anything. but knowing you - you will be too excited NOT to tell him!
So in that case, buy him a new browns shirt or something with a note in it maybe?

my house is a freaking disaster area. boxes places. toys places. laundry everywhere. in general, our house is a hot mess. maybe i will work on that next week....

yay for vacation soon! i want tips on entertaining the small ones in the car on the drive!