Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Enough pics to sink a ship...or just 9

We had a GREAT Easter (hopefully you all did too!). After the kids opened their Easter baskets, I made breakfast (of course). Then my sister came over (the rest of my family was in WV visiting my Grandparents) to give them the baskets my mom made for them. She ended up hanging out, playing with the kids etc. Then Josh's whole family (minus one cousin and of course the brother whose wife doesn't allow him to see his own family) came over and we all ate lunch/dinner and talked and played cards. It was lots of fun and the kids had a great day (which is what really matters). Later that evening we were hanging out on the deck and Josh's dad and his girlfriend came over to give them their baskets and we all hung out for a little while. The weather here has been AWESOME the last couple weeks, (80's in northeast Ohio in April is almost unheard of!) so it was perfect weather for Easter (usually we have snow lol). Here's some of the pics from the day.

We colored eggs (of course!)
(Sophia made weird faces in every.single.picture. It's just soooo her. lol)

Here's their baskets.

This pic cracks me up. She looks like she's still asleep!

And this one cracks me up even more. If you can believe it, this is the best out of 3!

And of COURSE Jack without pants. The boy can take pants off faster than an adult lol.

Maria with her basket from "Gam"

And Sophia with hers

And all three in their Easter outfits (again, best out of 3) :D


Danifred said...

Looks like you guys had a fabulous Easter! Love the picture of all 3!

Mama Reg said...

OH MY WORD they are SOOOO cute!! LOVE their outfits :) and baskets, and egg coloring pics! seeing how cute those baskets are now makes me think, awww should have done baskets! lol...

Anonymous said...

LOL sil doesn't let him see his family? I'm mulling this one over- 1. She's crazy or 2. He's way too passive. Probably a little of both? Your kids are adorable, btw.! Such cute baskets!

andrea said...

looks like a fab easter!
the one of all three of them is really really cute!!