Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hodge Podge

Today I went and did a few things that I have been needing to do for a while. One of which is renewing my licence and getting new tags for the van. (Yes, I know it's 2 months late. What can I say, I'm a procrastinator).

The other was that I got Sophia a bike. The poor thing has just been watching Maria ride hers around and staring in envy. You can practically feel her excitement through the pictures, which I ADORE. It's my favorite part of Christmas, too. I just love giving people gifts that I know they will love and the smile on their faces melts my heart. (Oh and they had to ride in the garage because it started raining about 1 minute after dinner).

And we are getting a few fruits of our labor (well, mostly Josh's labor). We've gotten about 10 peppers and just as many green beans. Normally I wouldn't pick the green beans, but they were HUGE and we thought they needed to be picked. Our tomatoes have TONS of fruit on them, so I can't wait to can my own spaghetti sauce! I should take a picture of the whole garden (it's HUGE). Maybe I will save that for later in the summer.

And this is just because he wasn't in on the bike situation. He is loving his new-found independence. He's scooting and rolling ALL OVER THE PLACE. I never know which piece of furniture I will find him lodged under, when I enter the room. He's just getting so big and smart and curious. I say it with each of them, but it's still true. THEY GROW UP TOO FAST!


Danifred said...

There is absolute JOY on her face with that bike! Love it :)

Kara said...

they grow so fast! don't they?!?! Kaelyn is also scooting all over the place.. the one day I had her on my bedroom floor and took the dog out and came back inside to find her under my bed!! lol guess I can't leave her like that on the floor anymore : ) glad for Sophia to have a bike.. that priceless look! I love it