Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nighty Night. Sleepy Tight.

I'm realizing lately, that time is going faster and faster. I think it's having kids that makes it go so fast. You wake up one morning and realize they have grown incredibly fast and you feel like you have possibly missed something or not enjoyed something enough. And speaking of enough, what is enough? When is it ever enough? When can I say that I showed my love enough or played with them enough or laughed enough or enjoyed all of their little idiosyncrasies enough? To me, parenting is one big question that never gets answered. But, I guess, it doesn't feel like it needs to be answered. It feels like a question that needs to remain rhetorical. I think every parent feels, at some time, like are making a mistake or could be doing something better. I think the best we can all do, is try to enjoy every minute and think about whether or not we will regret what we are doing in the end.

In an attempt to remember the kids as they are right now (because this time is so fleeting), this is our bedtime ritual EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

Mommy or Daddy: Ok! time for bed! :D
Sophia: Hold my hand mommy!
Maria: Hey guys, wait for me! (as she tries to find her blankets and giraffe and baby doll, etc.)
*at this point I am holding Sophia's hand and trying to keep her upright as she trips over her "pink blanket" all the way back to her bedroom.
Mommy: Hop into bed!....Get into bed....GIRLS Get into bed!....Sophia! Get into your bed now! (she thinks it is the funniest thing in the world to act like she can't get into her bed as she laughs so hard that she ACTUALLY can't get into bed)
Maria: Pia, get into bed like me. I'm a big girl going to school cuz I wear panties. You a baby cuz you don't go pee in the potty (this is what she says any time she calls herself a big girl).
Sophia: body slam me daddy!
Josh: Ok. Ok. KA-BUUUSH! (as he lifts her up over his head and slams her down on the bed)
Sophia: HEHEHEHEHEHEHE! Do again Daddy! Do again!
Josh: No, once is enough. Lay down.
Maria: Body slam me Mommy!
Me: Ok. Ok. (my body slam noise is not nearly as good as Daddy's, but it still gets a nice laugh out of Maria)
Sophia: turn my fan on
Me: No, you don't need your fan on tonight. (or ok, depending on how hot it is)
Maria: Where's my blanket with the holes in it? (she means my baby blanket that she sleeps with. It is crocheted. lol).
Me: It's right here, beside you.
Maria: Where's my giraffe?
Me: Right here.
Maria: Where's my blankie baby? (this is the "snoedle" they gave me for when she was in the NICU. I kept it with me while I was in the hospital, so it would smell like me. Then after she was born they gave it to her to keep with her that week until I could come see her.)
Me: It's right here.
Maria: Oh, thanks mommy!
Me: Lay down. *kiss* I love you, baby girl. nighty night, sleep tight.
Maria: I love you, mommy! I wanna kiss your head. (so she does). I think you have nice hair!
Me: thanks baby, I think you have nice hair too.
Maria: thanks mommy. nighty night. sleepy tight!
*then I go to Sophia
Me: I love you, little Pia! *kiss* Night night, sleep tight.
Sophia: Nighty night, sleepy tight. oh! oh! oh! I wanna kiss you head! I wanna kiss you head! (so she does) I think you have nice hair!
Me: thanks baby. I think you have nice hair too.
Sophia: thanks mommy!
Me: I love you
Sophia: I love you mommy. I take a nice nap, then I wear my babysuit and go swimmin.
Maria: and I go see gam if i take a nice nap
Me: I dont know girls, maybe.
Maria: maybe
Sophia: maybe.
*lights out and a big sigh of relief that we got out of there without having to turn water into wine or do the chicken dance in Spanish. ;-)

And just so you know, Josh goes through the same thing with the girls, except when they kiss his head they say "I think you have a little bit of hair, Daddy". Which is probably much funnier to me, than to him. lol :D

One day they wont want us to tuck them in and all I will have are these memories of when they couldn't get enough of us.


Kara said...

No matter when you look back on these days.. you are always going to think.."I should have done this or that.." but just know it your heart that you were the best mother that you could have been. and one day (hopefully) they will appreciate you for those times you thought were thankless. so have no regrets. at some point you just do what you have to do to get by and be sane (believe me, I know! lol) it's only now I realize how much my mother did for me and I am so thankful. I have regrets about Carter sometimes..but I look back and I know in my heart he loved me and I did the best that I could.

Mama Reg said...


i tried to leave a comment for this yesterday, maybe it didnt work?! lol.

this was so precious. i laughed while reading it, and then cried by the end lol...

and you are right, i think every parent at one time or another wonders if they are doing enough. hopefully most of the time we feel like we certainly are doing a wonderful job!!

you really should write childrens books renee, it is so cute how you captured this moment in time. i can illustrate them for you!! :) :)