Monday, April 13, 2009

busy, busy, busy

So, I hope everyone had a great Easter. We did, for sure, though it was an extremely busy weekend.

Friday I ran out to Canton to BRU (babies r us) b/c they were having a sale. But I must say I was disappointed when I got there. There were no signs anywhere, so I thought, Oh my gosh if I got all of us ready and out the door by 8:30 this morning and drove an hour in the pouring rain and there's no sale, I'll be pissed. No. there WAS a sale, just no mention of it throughout the entire store. What's up with that? Then Friday night my friend Jessi and her hubby Ken came over for dinner which was lots of fun. I hate that she lives so far away. :-(

Saturday the girls were sooo excited b/c Aunt Mel came over and we made desserts and colored eggs. They would color eggs all day if I let them. And if you can believe it, there were NO SPILLS, though there are quite a few cracked eggs. But that cant all be blamed on the girls...I think I broke most of them, and the wax crayon too. lol. I guess I dont know my own stregth.

Sunday we had Josh's whole family over for dinner (including us it was 17 ppl). I think dinner turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself :D. idk if they thought so though. all I heard on the subject was complaints that I didnt make these disgusting noodles they always have. And I think his cousin was trying to tell me she doesnt like Jacksons name. But his mom doesnt like it either and that didnt stop us from using it, so we werent too offended. lol. And thank goodness Josh's Grandma only made me want to lash out irrationally once or twice, so that was a plus. lol. Honestly, though, it was a good weekend and I think the kids had fun and thats what matters most to me. But as I sit here I can look behind me at the taunting glances of the sink full of dirty dishes....Ugh! too many pots and pans, too little energy.

So here are some pics from the last few days. enjoy.

ps. I COULD NOT get a good pic of the girls with their easter baskets so that's why there arent any. I got lucky with jack though.


andrea said...

glad you guys had such a nice weekend! the girls hair cracks me up - it's adorable.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I made the blog! LOL, I'm glad you had a good weekend, you sure were busy!

Kara said...

Sounds like my family get try to hold back the outbursts! LoL