Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vacation by the numbers

Ok, I'm stealing this from Danifred because it was such a great idea

5: number of new words jack learned while on vacation (CHEESE!, all done, water, up and down)
26: total number of hours in the car
5,279: number of times we were asked "when are we gonna get there"
3: total hours sitting in traffic
2: number of screens attached to our new DVD player
3: number of screens we needed
4: DVD's watched by the girls in the car
2: new toys Jack got for the trip
1,467,598: shells the girls collected
83: shells that were unbroken (and almost all of those were collected by Maria)
9: people in the beach house
5: bedrooms in the beach house
7: new t-shirts
236: photos taken by me
7: photos taken by Josh
78: bottles of water consumed
12: games of "hand and foot" we played
3: times I called it "foot and mouth"
23: attempts at a good family picture on the beach
0: actual number of good family pics on the beach
4,762,485: granules of sand Jackson ate or got in his eyes
1: bottle of spf 65 we used up
1: bottle of spf 40 we used up
6: days on the beach
7: dinners out
5: times the kids ate macaroni and cheese
7: loads of beach laundry
3: number of loads that were Sophia's sheets!
3,894,512: waves enjoyed by ALL
23: waves that knocked me down
2: waves that knocked Joshs Grandma down!
16: beers Josh drank
6: margaritas I drank
4: plates of fruit the girls EACH ate after dinner at Crabby Mikes after our first full day on the beach
1: day it took for the girls to ask "can we go to the beach" after we got home
50: times we've talked about where we're going next year


andrea said...

the best part of vacation is figuring out where to go next time ;)

Jess said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! I'm so glad you were able to take the trip!!

Danifred said...

Horray for a numbers post- it is a fabulous way to remember so many details!
I love all the shells they collected, luckily my girls didn't eat TOO much sand this year (as opposed to Bean last year!)