Thursday, April 22, 2010

The reason Chrysler Financial is the devil

And THIS is why I KNOW my day is not going to go very well today.

8:32 am
Me: *dials Chrysler financial*
enters information
is put on hold
Random customer service rep #1: "blah blah blah can I have your account information
Me: gives info

gets transferred
enters info again
RCSR #2: "blah blah blah can I have your account information"
Me: i just gave it to you people 3 times
RCSR #2: well I need it again
Me: complies, reluctantly
RCSR #2: Please hold
Me: *dials Chrysler financial AGAIN*
inputs information AGAIN
RCSR #3: blah blah blah can I have your account information please.
RCSR #3: Ma'am you cannot speak to me that way or I will hang up on you
Me: well someone else just did that for no reason, so why would you be any different
RCSR #3: I apologize for the inconvenience and the fact that we refuse to take your $463 a month. we are a bunch of imbeciles who couldn't even get our GED's (ok, maybe I'm paraphrasing there). How can I help you?
Me: I've been trying to pay my bill all morning and your stupid system wont let me, which is what happens EVERY month. Will you just take my money already so I don't have to pay a late fee.
RCSR #3: Please hold
RCSR #3's boss: Hello ma'am, I understand you're having problems paying your bill. Please give me your account information.
Me: Silently imitates throwing phone at wall and bashing head in said wall.
gives account information
RCSR #3's boss: well I can take care of that right now with a fee of $14.95
Me: well what would be the late fee if i sent in the check right now
RCSR #3's boss: $12.95
Me: hangs up and bangs head against wall. children look on in confusion.

Needless to say, I'm making this one a recurrent debit from the account. There is only so much insanity I can handle for one day and I've already reached my limit for today.


Danifred said...

I hate that it is impossible to speak to a human these days when trying to get something accomplished. Absurd!

andrea said...

there is nothing more frustrating that talking to idiots over the phone. i have the pleasure of doing it everyday with insurance companies. there are more than a few times (a day) that I want to scream or curse their first born!