Tuesday, April 20, 2010

an appology in the form of a funny video...

For the record, YES I am well aware that I haven't been on blogger in 2 weeks. I appologize for my lack of commenting AND lack of posting. I really don't have any excuse, I just haven't been on the computer all that much and when I was, I didn't really feel like being on here.
So to make up for it (and hopefully make you laugh so hard you forget about my abandonment) here is a video of Sophia that is hilarious. My favorite parts are when Maria asks to see it and then says "yuck" and when Sophia says it's out when, clearly, it's not. BTW, yes, I do laugh like that all the time, and no, I never realized how hilarious THAT is until right now. It's just who I am, I find literally EVERYTHING funny. LOL (see, I'm doing it again!)


Danifred said...

There you are! Welcome back! That video is just awesome :) And your laugh is just contagious!

andrea said...

omg too funny.
you crack me up. and so do your girls!!