Monday, February 22, 2010

what's the term for repeatedly coughing until you vomit? HUMILIATION!

Yes, I have been MIA for awhile. I apologize. What have I been doing, you ask? Oooooh, ya know. The usual.
Coughing until I throw up.
every day.
for the last two weeks.

Yes, it's been LOADS of fun, let me tell ya. We all got sick. Everyone else gets better. Me? Oh, I just get worse. yah. typical.

And you want to know how amazingly awesome my luck is? One of these lovely episodes (of course) happened at Giant Eagle a couple days ago. Oh no. the fun doesn't stop there folks. In my 20 minute long public heaving, I set down my purse beside the trash can, to ya know, hold my hair. And when I finally composed myself enough to leave...I did...without my purse. Yah. So I get almost home and get a phone call. "uuuh hello?" "yah. uhh we have your purse here". perfect!

But on the bright side, nothing was stolen. And I can say, with some amount of certainty, that if I had left my good friends Dooney & Bourke next to a trash receptacle at a Walmart, I'd be filing papers with the bank to try to get thousands of dollars put back in my account. So I am grateful that there are still good people in this world. and that they shop at my grocery store.

So, while you try to curtail your jealousy for me right now, I'm going to ask you for a few things.
2) If you don't have something nice to say to me, please don't say anything at all, b/c at this point I am all out of patience and the desire to defend myself.
3) If you have any pull with our new insurance company, I'd love for our new cards to get here ASAP. (Josh's' boss assures us they are on their way, I don't think he really knows, I just think he doesn't want me to come down there and throw up all over him or his establishment)
4) I would also like to ask for one day where I can eat dinner and actually keep it down.
So if you have any of those things and wouldn't mind sending them my way, I'd be much obliged. kthx. bye.

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Danifred said...

Booooo... hope you feel better soon. What a crummy time for you!