Tuesday, January 5, 2010

yes, ANOTHER new blog

So, last time I told you about a new photo blog I'm doing (taking a pic a day for the year). Well, I'm also starting a cooking blog.


I've got the intro up right now. I've got a couple recipes typed up and saved but I would like to try to get pics of them before I post them. I started it because I am ALWAYS being asked for my recipes for stuff, so I just thought it would be fun to devote a blog to it. Also, because I want to let people know that even the best cooks make mistakes and burn things and can't get certain things to work. I would say that I am a pretty good cook, but I do mess stuff up quite a bit and I try to learn from it (*try*). So I'd like to share some of that with people too. I hope you'll follow me over there and maybe we can learn a little bit from each other.

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