Monday, January 18, 2010

Things we don't do in this house

Someone once commented on my position in this house, how we raise our kids and my relationship with Josh (among other things). I would like to take today to remind that person(s) about what people in glass houses shouldn't do...

So here's a list of things that go on in someones house...just not THIS house.

  • We don't have our mommy's pay our bills for us into our 20's and 30's (actually we have NEVER, EVER had someone else pay for ANYTHING for us. EVER).
  • We don't have our gas/electric/water shut off for lack of payment.
  • We don't spend hundreds of dollars a week eating out because someone refuses to cook a single meal for her children and husband.
  • We don't file bankruptcy because we can't get our spending under control and act like ADULTS.
  • We don't continue to charge VACATIONS and other EXTRAS to credit cards because we are apparently CHILDREN who have to have everything they want right when they want it.
  • We don't then accuse OTHERS of having financial trouble due to a lifestyle/parenting choice. Most especially when those "others" are making it work on HALF the income.
  • We don't LIE and say that we paid for our own wedding when really we made EVERYONE (including our parents and any guests that wanted to attend) pay for it because we are the most selfish beings on earth.
  • We don't let our kids do whatever, whenever with no consequences and then make excuses for their bad behavior, when the real reason for it, is LACK OF PARENTING.

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