Wednesday, January 27, 2010

oh, it's ON! **EDITED**

I've been trying to keep MY psycho in-laws identity a secret (for her own good). But today I read a couple things that I just CAN'T let go. So here ya go. Read if you must, but remember you'll need a barf bag handy if you plan to read more than one entry.

****in case you are planning on reading her blog, you should know that after she read mine she edited hers to make herself sound a little better. i mean she's still obviously delusional, but she took out the part where she called me fat and she added in some extra lies that will be fun to read but have no value in the REAL WORLD. I especially like the one where she says that I started the SAHM "war". that's funny b/c I have it in print that SHE is the one who started it and I was the one trying to defend myself. yes people THIS is what I have to deal with on a daily basis. wanna trade lives? I figured not. lol*****

And here are my notes to you "Miss Candy Graham".

  1. Yes, I'm overweight. Thank you sooo much for pointing that out Captain Obvious. I hope you feel much better about yourself now. Great job. I have just had three children in less than 4 years though, so I've been a LITTLE busy. What's your husbands excuse? Hmmm? And if you'd like for me to start pointing out your faults for the world, I can do're an irresponsible, ugly, selfish, narcissistic, WHORE, bitch who conned her way into a family that NO ONE wants her in. Shall I go on?
  2. I'm not sure how you get "bragging" from the sentence "I don't know what we would have done if we had had to pay the almost $1 mil. in medical bills after maria was born". If you think that a 3 month nicu stay for your 1 lb baby is something to be "bragged" about, maybe you need to see someone for your mental fact, why don't you just do that anyway.
  3. Yes, our kids do qualify for medicaid/healthy start. BUT WE ALSO PAY INTO IT EVERY WEEK!!! And isn't that what it's for. We aren't "mooching" off of the government. It's kinda like you paying road taxes and driving on the roads. You act like we don't pay our taxes and as if my husband doesn't work 6 days a week.
  4. If what you do is considered a "JOB", then I guess what I do would be considered 5 or 6 JOBS. Why don't you drop the fight with me over me being a SAHM. It's getting REALLY old. It is a decision that doesn't affect you. It was a choice my husband and I made before we had children. We feel that it is the best thing for our family and that is OUR CHOICE. NOT YOURS. So mind your own business. And just so you know, even if I did work they would still qualify b/c all of that money would be going to daycare which they take into account. Also maria will always get it b/c she is considered handicapped. So what exactly would be the point? If we had been paying $1500 a month for health insurance otherwise, we might be filing for bankruptcy right along with you guys LOL (however, more than likely we'd just adjust our spending in other areas to make up the difference).
  5. It's not stalking when my husband drives/rides his bike by every day and notices something that is out in plain sight (do you need a dictionary, b/c I have an extra?). I'm sorry, but you guys are a big joke in this house and one part of that is your inability to take care of your home (including, but not limited to...the lawn mower on the front lawn for almost a month, the tipped over swing, your inability to close your garage door...then complaining that your house got broken into, every light in your house being on every minute of every day...whilst complaining of high electric bills. etc. etc. etc.) And as far as your period goes...I'd just be happy that you're having one at all and not pregnant. I'd hate for you to screw up another innocent child. LOL. So really there's no need for the info, but thanks for offering. ;-)
  6. And I know for a fact that you and your husband have taken money from his mother and she has paid bills to help you get by. You both need to GROW UP and start taking care of yourselves. It's pathetic. You are such a joke. You're what? 10 YEARS older than the rest of us and you still can't figure out how to take care of your finances and pay your bills. OBVIOUSLY or you wouldn't both be filing bankruptcy. Like one of my friends said on another one of my's LACK OF PARENTING. And you are just repeating the cycle.
  7. And as for a previous post in which you declare that Josh and I shouldn't have had kids if we weren't going to "take care" of's funny b/c that's exactly what we always say about YOU. If you didn't want to stay home with your kids and actually raise them instead of paying someone else to do it, and if you were planning on throwing away all of your money on "extras" so that you couldn't use it to support your shouldn't have had them at all. We love our kids. I spend every minute of every day taking care of my precious gifts from God. I enjoy every bit of time I have with them because I know that before long they will be grown and I will be wishing for this time back. Our children are always happy, fed, clothed and taken care of. They have everything they would ever need (and then some), including parents and family who love them more than life itself and spend as much time with them as possible. You are lucky that you still have an unbroken nose for some of the things you have been saying about Josh and I and our kids. Here's a little advice for you Candy. If you are a true Christian woman, you would show it in the way you ACT, not the amount of times you mention God in your blog. You would be a better person than you are. And because of the horrible person YOU are, two brothers no longer speak. If you weren't the way you are, things would be different. YOU tore this family apart. You are the one who insisted on having a wedding you KNEW we couldn't attend. You are the one who called me names and STARTED the war over me being a SAHM (which is about as stupid as war gets). It is time to let it go. You think that you are better than everyone and you have everything all figured out...well good for you, miss perfect. I guess you've never made a mistake in your life. well, congratulations. We will never get along because of that fact. I tried to give you a chance (even when Josh warned me about you). And you know what I found out...he was right. It's like you don't want people to like you. You make it impossible to stand to be around you. I really don't know how you have made it through life without having a line of people a mile long waiting to kick your ass. And more than that, we are still puzzled as to how you got TWO idiots to marry you. Really, it baffles the mind. The rest of the family has pretended to "like" you, and for that lie, they have escaped your wrath. But we don't regret being honest, Candy. We've actually enjoyed letting you know what the world is saying behind your back. But it's time to end it. Stop referring to me in your blog and I will do the same. Stop publicly insulting me and I will too. We'll pretend you don't exist and PLEASE pretend we don't exist.


Danifred said...

Uh oh.

Aubrey said...

I read her blog. Especially the one about the SAHM. SHE REALLY IS DILLUSIONAL!!HAHA. Wish it was as simple as she makes it sound. Maybe it's better that she works. Sounds like she likes her traveling and 'extras' more than her kids. Because if she really enjoyed them so much and could have all the things that she listed if she quit then she would live in a trailer to get those things. But she knows it wouldn't be so she works.

p.s. having ads run on your blog does not count as a part time job. I'm pretty sure she's counting that.

Brandi said...


Mama Reg said...

well, i read yours first, and now im off to hers...there is no arguement over being a SAHM i will start a posse with you if you like LOL!! so i am very interested to read about this...i may even write my own blog about being a SAHM for those who are ignorant lol...

i am just so sorry. personal comments are really offensive and immature to me, she should not say anything about your weight it is SO none of her business. you are fine, and RIGHT you have had 3 kids in 4 years...

oh, and when you write about your kids and experiences in the hosp it is SO not "bragging" seriously wth she is a loon. i cry and pray for you guys every time i read those. you help others to realize to cherish life and time with loved ones.

i understand ppl have to use daycare, it happens. but i DESPISE it!! it is so freaking expensive if you are a normal tax paying citizen with no government help. sure, you will use top notch daycare with its free. i know super hard working ladies who want to have kids, and still work, and i commend them for that. they are figuring out how to do it, and without the freebies.

andrea said...

i want to give you a hug. and then i wnat to slap that chick in the damn face.

how can she even open her mouth about hte struggles and decisions you have been through when raising your kids, making sure they are taken care of (who gives a shit about your health insurance? at least you HAVE it!) every single day? ugh.

i know that I work full time and wiht school I spend much less time than desired away from my kid - but it will pay off in the end and it is MY choice. so, since YOUR choice was to stay home with your kids, who gives a shit!