Monday, January 18, 2010

the difference

The difference between medicaid (which is now just a gov-sponsored HMO)/medicare and a "handout"...

Medicare/Medicaid is a necessary program to give pregnant women, children, the elderly and the disabled the necessary medical care they need to survive. You need to prove that your income is under the designated amount, however so that it is not used by those making $100,000.00 a year. These programs are not WIC or welfare. They are not government-funded handouts (like bankruptcy). They benefit the citizens and families of this country greatly and like EVERY government-sponsored program, they are sometimes abused. But these programs should not be taken away because of that fact. They should be improved, however. MANY families use them so that they don't go DEEPLY into debt and end up not being able to pay their monthly bills and care for their children due to medical bills. Lord only knows where we'd be if we had had to pay the almost 1 million dollars in medical bills we had after I had Maria. But, THAT is what it's there for. Maybe if some people had used it instead of being so self-righteous and proud, they wouldn't need to be HUMILIATED by having their parents constantly paying their bills for them.

**you know who you are. idk how you keep commenting on my blog within 5 minutes of it being published, but I was thinking maybe you should get back to "work". lmao. good luck with your bankruptcy. you know, the HANDOUT from the government to just "poof"...make your debt go away even though YOU were the one that made poor financial decisions. i believe they call that a BAILOUT! lol


Danifred said...

Oh my.
Some people!!!!

Kara said...

I have had 3 children. If I did not have the aide of medicaid.. I don't know where I would be debt wise.. along with my 110,000 dollars in student loan debt.. when my son, Carter, passed away due to obviously unplanned circumstances.. medicaid paid for his ambulance.. emergency room.. life and 6 day hospital stay at childrens on a ventilator. now someone who wants to sit there and talk shit about government funded aid can kiss my ass (mind my french) because without that aid I would not only be mourning my 15 month old son but wondering MORE on how I would pay all those 50,000 dollars worth of medical bills.