Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ever feel like...

Ever feel like you'd rather gouge out your own eye ball than do what you are doing?
Ever feel like you have been virtually slapped in the face?
Ever feel like the only adult in a world full of morons?
Ever feel like no matter how hard you push forward, you only go backwards?
Ever feel like you have wasted a TON of time trying to be nice to someone who wont accept you?
Ever feel like you are surrounded by narcissists?
Ever feel like no matter how hard you try, you are only looked at for your failures?
Ever feel like every word you say is held and turned against you?

If so, then I guess you may need to "seek mental help". (At least according to one "medical professional" lol)


Danifred said...

I SERIOUSLY hope the same issue isn't continuing! I don't understand how some people can't a)mind their own business and b)act like the adults they are.
It's easier said than done, but let it roll off your back! Your husband and kids are the only ones who matter :)

andrea said...

i think we all have felt one of these...or more...

hope it gets better

Tricia said...

I hope things get better for you! Have a good holiday weekend with your family!

Kara said...

I have been there more than once or twice in my life.. hope things are going to be okay!

Debbie said...

Oh my! I think we have all felt like that. Seek professional help? Nah.