Friday, June 5, 2009

Do I at least get a parade?

Is this hate Renee week and I didn't get the memo? Seriously, anyone else have a problem they want to scream at me for a little while? I'm all

After finally seeing an end in sight for one disagreement with one side of Josh's family, another one arose this evening. I know we all have issues with the in-laws, but seriously, what the hell?!

Todd (father in-law who lives next door) was over here with Josh out at the garden. The kids were in and out a million times and I was trying to feed Jack. So I put him down and went out there. I said to Josh "are you even watching them? can you keep them out here b/c they are running around the house with dirty hands (they had been up to the farm and they were LITERALLY COVERED IN DIRT).

Todd decides to chime in before Josh can even answer and starts yelling and swearing at me "what the f*** is your f***ing problem....(you get the gist)...." Meanwhile, he sees that the girls are right at my feet hearing every word.

I told them to go inside then I said "well for one, your language. I have heard my 2 yr old say more cuss words than I say and she didn't learn them in this house. secondly, you don't seem to know that this isn't your house. We can't walk out the door without you running over with your dogs and you let them shit in our yard so my kids can't even walk to the car without stepping in it and they tear up my flower beds. there is a reason we don't have dogs Todd!".

To which he says "you know what, you are an ungrateful f***ing bitch and I don't even know why josh married you". Needless to say Josh didn't like that one. So he gets in his dads face and they go at it.
Todd leaves.
Josh throws things.
Todd and his girlfriend fight.
I go out to smooth things over with Josh.
Josh yells at me for "not getting along with any of his family".
I ask if he regrets marrying me.
No answer.
I come in the house and cry...and blog.

I'm about to be done. Seriously. I'm reaching the end of my patience.

*****To the 5 people that read this, I'm sorry to vent, but I don't really have anyone else to talk to about it.


Tricia said...

Change your label... we don't all hate Renee and I refuse to be part of that week. :-) Marriage is hard, in-laws can be harder. Please keep your head up! I'm thinking about you!

Danifred said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through that! It doesn't sound like this is your problem though... so don't let anyone make you feel like it is. Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

I love you! It's hard getting along with inlaws, especially when they live so close. I'll be praying for you me if you need to talk.

andrea said...

i'm sorry things in that department are no different than they were 4 years ago. {{hugs}}

Mama Reg said...

hugs renee!! dang. good job standing up for yourself atleast. nice language that guy has! your response was priceless! but i agree with tricia, no hating renee here!!

im sorry for the rough times, but you are anything but ungrateful. so tell hick next door to keep his dogs off your grass or youll feed them glass. sorry. im in a scrappy mood and i hate to see kind people treated like that. haha and i rhymed!