Sunday, May 17, 2009


This morning I intended for this to be a much different blog than it's going to be.

I haven't been in the best mood lately. We got majorly SCREWED by Josh's old boss and now the state is making us give back Josh's unemployment checks from three weeks of the winter. Which of course I have just laying around the house, so I can just send those right on down to them....yeah. No. We actually used those for, ya know...groceries, the mortgage, insurance. Plus we're still trying to deal with Josh's identity getting stolen and not being able to refinance.

But, I got a nice little relief last night, so I was going to share it all with you. I sat down here and plugged in my camera to upload some very important pictures, only to find that my entire memory card was erased. idk how, when or why. just gone. everything. So I wiped the tears from my eyes, unplugged and decided I would still share the fact that Josh threw me a surprise birthday party last night and make it a "my husband rocks....Sunday". But alas, no email. I was totally unable to get on anything related to gmail, including blogspot. Apparently I didn't exist for a while today. w/e. But I decided to go do some yard work with Josh and a bunch of other meaningless crap. Then for no apparent reason, that husband that I wanted to brag about so badly, decided to be a total **** and start yelling at me about how fertilizer doesn't expire (even though it had an expiration date on it for....September 2007!). (whhaaatt?) So I left. Its what I do. I'm not saying its the best idea I've ever had, but I just need time to myself so I don't say anything stupid. I decided I would run to Alliance to spend my birthday gift certificate. I get to the store at closed at 6:00. Ugh! So I drive around aimlessly for an hour to have some alone time. I get home and I finally get my google to start working. So I get on here to write this and my computer freezes, and doesn't save any of what I had written...yeah.

So all I have to say at this point is WTH!!!!!!! Am I on some hidden camera reality show? Is Ashton Kutcher about to jump out from behind my couch? I'm just wondering b/c otherwise I'm going to bed right now and calling this a day.

BTW for those of you following, I cheated last night....I had a piece of birthday cake. It was fantastic! It was like crack. And apparently I love crack. ;-)


Tricia said...


I read your blog last night but didn't have a chance to comment on it. I hate when you have one of those days/weeks where everything seems to go wrong. Keep your head up, everything will get better. And I am so sorry about losing everything off your memory card. Hope this week is better!

andrea said...

glad you had a fun weekend.
sucks about the rest. i know there is a way to recover the pictures if you haven't touched the card. let me know and i can try to get the instructions for you.

and it's your birthday - you're allowed one cheat day!

p90x is REALLY intense. i am sure you CAN do it - but as i was warned by my sister - be prepared to feel like shit after! 30d shred and turbojam, from what i understand, are more "mild" but they are AWESOME workouts.
the couchto5k program is really doable too. me nad G just hit the park or the neighbor hood and i push her while i run!

Danifred said...

seriously- I HATE days/weekends/weeks/months like you just had. I hope you did enjoy that cake though- you deserved it :)