Tuesday, May 26, 2009

tv gives me self esteem

Here's a list of television shows (old and new and in no particular order) that, when watched, make me feel better about myself. The phrase "it could always be worse" comes to mind.

  1. Clean House
  2. Jon & Kate plus 8
  3. The Biggest Loser
  4. 17 Kids and Counting
  5. Engaged and Underage
  6. Wife Swap
  7. Flavor of Love
  8. Rock of Love
  9. A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila
  10. The Osbournes
  11. The Simple Life
  12. The Surreal Life
  13. Fear Factor
  14. COPS
  15. Temptation Island


Tricia said...

I totally agree!

cdefinbaugh said...

Now that is a way of thinking about things!! You should add, "My Big Redneck Wedding" to that list!! lol!