Friday, May 1, 2009

no?...NO?...what means this "no".

I mean, they've said it before..."no, I don't want juice" or "no, I didn't throw that ball at my sister". But now, all of a sudden it's "go stand in the corner"..."NO" and "clean up the playroom"..."NO". what's up with that?

Oh and now it's also "WHHHHYYY" said just like that too. With the cutest faces you've ever seen.

And to make matters worse Maria is in the habit of taking what I tell her is going to happen, turning it around to what she wants to happen then saying "how bout that?".

WTF!!!!??? am I being outsourced?! do I need to file for unemployment or what? am I right I actually here in this house. now how much do you want to bet I get 10X this kind of back-talk in 10 yrs....OH GOD!!! sorry, folks, i just thought about that for a second and literally shuddered.

OMG! as I am sitting here right now, it just happened AGAIN. I told Sophia to stand in the corner for hitting maria. she (of course) told me know. i told her to get in there. after standing there for a few minutes, she just walked out and said "I'm done in corn" AHHHHH!!! What is happening in this house. Now she's SOBBING b/c now she has to go BACK to the corner. ugh! When does it end....I know, I know....when they move out............if then?

On another note....who DOESN'T like the beach? I mean really? on facebook some guy is trying to tell me that only women and gay men like the beach.....YEAH, I kid you not. I don't think I ever knew someone that didn't like the beach. I hate the heat...but I love the beach. I mean...IT'S THE FREAKING BEACH! Is sand and turquoise water all of a sudden too metro sexual for all the manly men out there. b/c i gotta tell ya, my step-dad and my husband are pretty manly men and they LOVE the beach. some ppl.


Mama Reg said...

lol. the beach is only loved by certain groups of people haha jk.

sorry for the "no" drama lol. gabe says no to me, mostly still in the first context you mentioned, but i get the occasional "no" when i say go pick up your toys. then my eyes go from the size of nickels to quarters haha. he gets scared, most the time lol.

andrea said...

i'm so glad she can't talk yet.... ;)

but yet I still deal with the 'No's' and 'why's' at times.....just not from the baby!

and what is up with that guy? who DOESN'T love te beach?!