Friday, May 8, 2009

my husband rocks

So josh rocks today for a few reasons.
  1. He is being really supportive while i am not eating sweets. i know he wanted ice cream last night, but he didnt eat it in front of me. :D
  2. He is doing it with me, by not drinking and he is being sooo good about it. i was sure he was gonna give in on day one, but he's doing great. even with the guys at work bugging him about it.
  3. He got me something for mothers day even though we agreed that we would get family pics done instead. so now i get both. :D idk what it is, but he's hilarious when he buys me something he always wants to give it to me that day. he never can wait. its soo cute.

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Tricia said...

Thank goodness for great husbands right?