Saturday, May 2, 2009

day 1

well, we're looking at the end of day 1, and of course i am in sugar withdrawls. picture me curled up in the fetal position rocking and crying to myself to sleep. lol. ok, not quite that bad, but still quite difficult. i mean, i cant remember a day that i havent had something sweet. even if its just something small. but i really need to break myself of this habit/addiction. i'm sure it will get easier...or maybe it will get worse. i really dont know. at this point.

i do, however, know that i am irritated at technology today. i spent probably 2 1/2 hrs making a playlist with over 40 songs on it to burn to a cd for our luau. i mean, i researched and googled and added and rearranged until my eyes were burning. only to find out....that is illegal. and apparently my computer has a very good set of morals. ugh. all that work for nothing.

then, i tried to change my blog layout. as you can tell, it eventually took, but trust me that was not quick, nor easy. but definitely worth it. i really like this new one. buuuuttt i will probably be changing it in a couple months. i get bored too easily.

well, i'm off to put the kids in bed and hopefully relax on the couch without letting the chocolate cravings over-take my body.


andrea said...

good luck!!!

Mama Reg said...

your new layout is CUUUTE! you are right, they take forever to change lol. but so worth it!

good job on day one. i didnt get on the internet AT ALL yesterday (can you believe it?!) so i didnt see your "starting today" comment so my first day is officially today!! im gunna do it, NO SUGAR!! ahh!!

we can do it!!