Thursday, April 30, 2009

i'm determined to be lucky

ok, so this one is going to be a hodge-podge.

1. if you're on facebook, i DEMAND you change your language to "english (pirate)". at least for a day. it's so freaking hilarious you wont be able to think ANYTHING without putting it in pirate language. i am STILL laughing and i changed mine like 30 minutes ago. lol.

2. have you ever noticed that when you click "next blog" here on blogger, only like 1 out of 15 of those blogs are in am i supposed to read that? they could at least translate it for me!

3. my husband rocks thursday...and he rocks this week b/c he is indulging me in having this hawaiian luau this summer. what started as an idea, has turned into the biggest, most extravagant party we've every thrown (including the most expensive). and he is just smiling away as he carries my boxes of hawaiian themed items that i've purchased, to the basement and as he reads through my pages of lists. he hasnt said a word about it. he is just letting me do this. and btw that means anyone who is reading this right now, better be here :D.

which brings me to the namesake....

4. i am officially determined to be lucky. yes i know that is crazy. you're either lucky or your not. but a girl can dream can't she. anyway, wheel of fortune is having this thing all week, where you enter everyday and at the end of the week 10 ppl will win a trip for two to sandals in jamaica. ppl will know if they won by the end of may. so i have been entering, and now it has become an obsession. i am absolutely going to win this trip. i can't NOT win. how could that happen? so i have it all planned out, we will take the trip for our 5th anniversary and we are going to have the best time ever. :D lol. i know, we have practically no chance...but hey, someone has to win, right? :D


Mama Reg said...

yes! you will win!! i am happy for your luck and positivity! and OMG your luau sounds fabulous. i will also try english pirate, idk what it is yet, but i cant wait to find out! keep me posted on wheel of fortune!!

Tricia said...

For your luau, I have a great recipe. It is super easy and it tastes great! You take a pineapple and slice it long ways (keep the green top on it for looks, and then cut again long ways on each side, so ultimately you have 4 pieces from each pineapple. Then you slice little pieces (but leave sitting on the pineapple skin). Take whatever kind of jello mix you like (or whatever color you want, that's how I did it) and just sprinkle it on the pieces. Let sit in fridge overnight and put toothpicks in each piece. It makes for an awesome looking appetizer and it is super tasty. Sorry if that is confusing, but let me know if you want the recipe again! :-D