Tuesday, February 10, 2009

and we're off...

So, this is my first blog here on blogger. I'm not really sure if anyone will even read it. But it'll be nice to have a place to vent a little and talk about what's going on in my life at the moment. Here are a few things on my mind today...

First, I am struggling with figuring out how to do a slideshow that i can copy to a cd/dvd and have it have music in the background. I did find some software that looked good. buuuutt....its $70 and you have to order online (which i am against given our current identity theft issues) grrr. This is irritating me to no end. Its supposed to be a gift for Josh for our anniversary, so i really hope i can get it figured out. My other option is doing one of those books on walmart.com. I can't believe our anni is in about 2 wks. (4 yrs!!!). I'm still going through pics and scanning and uploading them, which is quite time-consuming. But i really think he'll like it.

The second thing of importance to mention is a bit of local celebrity invading our family. Josh's brother and his girlfriend are going to be on the Dr. Phil show on Friday for his Valentines Day show. Apparently she's getting a makeover. yah... idk what else to say on that subject. Well I've got some things to say, I'm just not going to say them. But you all should start warming up your dvr's and tivos and pop some corn to prepare for the big event. LOL.

and Third...how about that freakshow mom, er [cough] the "octuplet mom" ;). Do i need to even say ANYTHING. I'm pretty sure that Dr. needs to lose his license....no, I'm definitely sure. Honestly though I feel bad for those kids. She can't even afford to take care of the 6 she already had, now add another 8 preemie newborns to the mix....oh God...I can just imagine the insanity. Not to mention, how can she possibly pay enough attention to each of 14 children under age 7? Grrrr. And to think, there are soooo many people out there that can't have children at all that want them. ugh. Now I'm just getting irritated, so I'll stop.


Anonymous said...

Hey girl! It looks like I'm the first to comment, lucky me! About the slideshow - do you have PowerPoint? I've had luck inserting some music/sound bites into one. I'd send you it as an attachment, but it would take so long to send (very picture and sound heavy) it would prolly get to you faster in snail mail! Let me know if you want more details!
Sidenote - I'm posting as anoymous, do you know it's me?? :)

Jess said...

By the way...is the title of this blog referring to the song of the same name?? If so, I love that song! (If not, I still love that song!)

melanie said...

i love that song too! but i am definitely watching the Dr. Phil show with Travis on it.=) that is funny! but kind of cool at the same time.
Melanie <3

renee said...

jessi...yep thats what its named after. actually thats the song i want to use on the slideshow. josh LOVES it. we both cry every time we hear it.

afa powerpoint. i've never tried it, but i'd love to if you wanna send it snail mail. lol